Friday, March 23, 2012

Waterworks Empire Tub and Which would you choose?

This is my utmost favorite tub that I have seen, it is fitting any (but well designed) interior I think and reminds me of the very first wooden tubs I perhaps saw in the old French movie "Angelique, marquise des anges" and even though it is vastly different, I see the resemblance and romance it is connected with!

I have collected images of this tub over time in various settings after I noticed it in a Calgary based store.

Which one do you like? If I ever renovate our master bathroom, I know which tub will be there ((:
Here are some beautiful bathrooms and they all have one thing in common the Waterworks Empire Tub, so which do you choose?

Have a wonderful weekend, Z

Old World European Villa Style.
By Andrea Schumacher.

Carrera Marble in the shower, country style European tile flooring make it be the French Country Elegance in its best.

Montecito California with Italian Style mix.
By J. Grant Design Studio.

Sophisticated Key West Style.
By Pinto Designs and Associates.

French Chateau Elegance.
Source Unknown.

Victorian Modernity.
By knowles ps.

Traditional Style with Cowboy Country Sensibilities.
By Becker Studios.

Traditional look with mosaic tilework that brings out a sense of serenity.
By Artsaics Studios.

Victorian Style with Clean lines.
By Studio William Hefner.

French Country Sophisticate and understated simplicity.
By Cynthia Lynn Photography.

Angelique bathing the children.

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