Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back again: paradise on Earth

It has been a while since I posted and life has been busy ... my birthday (29), stomach flu, fashion show, travel to paradise....yes paradise called Kauai. 

Na Pali Coast

Our vacation was a huge success. Leaving Calgary at -25C and over night arriving into +29C was a dream come true. This island of Hawaii is by far the most favourite place I have been to yet. It is the greenest one of them all and in short, compare to other hot holiday destinations, this combination of green luscious landscape and perfect white sand and even more perfect water in the ocean and the ideal humidity (for me) in the air (as it can be too humid everywhere else! Or too dry like in Calgary).... I felt like a new me ... like I was a happy child once again. I did not have the slightest desire to adjust anything ... as I normaly do with a certainty. We are going back! 

Here are some of our fun moments, and despite the fact that we could not have gone kayaking or hiking or mountain jeep exploring in this green paradise because I am 5 months noticeably pregnant and our boy is under 5 years old, next year, that will all be different! 

Mc Bryde (national tropical botanical) Gardens

Polynesian Luau Dancing

Our beach play

Interesting (strungler) giant tree exploring

Eating Fish, colouring Fish!

Estate Plantation Train Ride and Tropical produce exploring

Local Market Coffee mornings

Minigolfing in the gardens fun!

Getting Plumeria (amazing smell) flowers from my son insisting I wear them at all times (if not there would be tears of sadness only a little boy can achieve)

Plentyful hugging and kissing!

Boat sail to see dolphins and Na Pali coast

Tatoo getting (henna)


Before our trip, Rad and I worked on a small fashion event for the Hudson Bay department store and met some Olympians, tried on a sled and were surrounded by beautiful girls (my son's favourite thing). 

Olympic clothing with leather minis, or leather pants and denim or some glitter, perfection!

Radovan loves blonds, Kimmi did not mind....

Fashion Event and Olympic sled testing

Big brother:

Baby ultrasound before our Kauai trip!

Yes it is a boy no. 2!!

Now it is back to the cold weather back home and soon to be working on those magical Christmas preparations.

Hope you are well!