Monday, January 27, 2014

Penthouse London's calling!

Not in our budget I may add but would be amazing to own no doubt. 

Thanks to the Russian classless Nouveau Riche and other mafia problems this maybe too pricey for even the RICH!

I have to share this great place though:

When daddy returned from London ... We got the red bus and tower bridge 3D puzzle! That must be better, right? Actually, we think so!

Even if London is too cool!!!!

XO, Z 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pampering your body and mind:

Just a quick HELLO from me in the middle of the week...

ENJOY each day and start with the PERFECT BREAKFAST....

Home made oatmeal:

Some Oats (use a good brand) and...

Cook them in water and a bit of salt...

Add some ground walnuts when oats almost cooked...

Serve in a bowl with a slice (or more) of butter...

Sprinkle some Vanilla sugar or Maple sugar and fresh Blueberries!

Our boy loves it with chocolate sprinkles too!

After a good and tasty breakfast...SLOW DOWN ...with this lovely inspirational poem that I found at Beautifulosophy by Rebekah Knight, "Mommy Slow Down".

And find a quiete place to take time to read ... perhaps to your child ... in a cozy LIBRARY!

Have a great rest of the week.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Beautiful Weekend and Monday Entry Doors:

Hello and Happy Monday!

Truly, we had an amazing weather that came to Alberta, Canada and we headed out to the Rockies for the weekend taking advantage of our mountains at their best...

At around 10C plus we had a day of skiing and I can't believe how well our 4 year old did. All day without complaints and any tiredness showing...he kept going. There is something to be said for a 12 hour night sleep at this age!

Then we got to enjoy the Banff Springs Hotel and their lovely facilities all Sunday Morning ... like swimming in the hot pool outside. 

On the kid's bunny hill (but he did go on big chair with daddy too).

From our room...

I did work out! With a view....

Really love the old world "roman" feel of this pool and the castle like hotel in Banff. 

Yes they also have a great spa, worth visiting!

The Banff Springs Indoor Pool.

Outdoor Pool Fun...

Leaving back home...only an hour's drive ... 


I chose a lovely front entry or entries for you to perhaps try... some of them even lead inside the lovely homes... enjoy your start of the week! 


The French Blue....hmmmm

Gorgeous house and the entry hall is perfection.

Wood or Iron doors, love them the same. 

Just classic, right?

I still want the double wooden front doors...gosh have to catch up on my projects.

What a romantic setting, well, I fance the gravel path way above all other...just so country.

Pretty blue, and lantern inside.

Weathered beauty.

Outside and in - what a perfection...

Yes this is a strong Euro villa style at its' best no doubt, timeless.

Have a lovely Monday!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jewels for the weekend and every day:

How do you feel about earrings? Or getting them from your man? Nothing wrong if you don't like those kind of romantic gestures but if you do, you  are like me and may enjoy this little visit!

EARRINGS have been a bit more my favorites lately, maybe because you can always wear them and they are not in the way when you are a busy mom and active all day in some way or another.

My husband is very romantic that way and lucky me he not only is great at flirting with me but he knows where to go ... To make my eyes sparkle!

Firenze jewelry store in NYC had these amazing emerald earrings I once pointed out to him (that my eye colour is like these emeralds!) and he got me the only other pair they had. Mine are slightly different, rounder....certainly similar and beautiful. Firenze never dissapoints and neither does my sweet husband. 


I adore him and them...smiles.

Another favorites of mine are my saphire and diamond earrings by Christoper Designs , CrissCut being the designer's uniqueness! 

What to wear with them? What is better than GUCCI!

Like I said, I just love earrings these days so much, and perhaps it all the red carpet festivities are helping that trend... a girl does what she must do!

Nothing can outdo PINK in my mind...And as it seem even Leslie has a pink moment ...check it out!

Hope you are having a lovely dreamy weekend!