Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designing Our Front Doors: house update

Hello and welcome back to talking about our "house reno's" and this time it is all about the custom made front entry doors.

Well, they are not made yet, but being designed and in 10 weeks or so, we will enjoy them tremendously.

It has been hard, because we do have a nice front door at the moment in our house but I have always preferred the double opening 14th century look over any doors and so what can you do?

Our Front Doors Now

The Doors we are having made OR
Our Future Doors - French Louis XIV
presented by Greete Lefevre

Well, we are making a few changes and they will be made from walnut, and they will not be arched at the top...just wait and see ...I can't describe it yet! And there will be stone placed on the walls around the doors...lots to do...

But what is important, that Lefevre Interiors had a huge impact on the design with the details that Greete posted on her blog...from her living room renovation stunning is the wood work and our door maker will bring some of it into our new door appearance, which makes me very incredibly happy!

I just LOVE this meticulous work and beautiful design with perfection in wood cutting by Lefevre Interiors!

We are working on this project without a doubt, this is a picture of the door handle by Rocky Mountain that I have selected ...they will be longer in size and on both doors front and back made from dark bronze that will become just gently gold in colour BUT only in places where most I still talking about locks and doors here?...smiles!

LET's get started...with this review of entry doors...Here are some images I have saved on my "door searching" journey and I hope that you will enjoy them too, let me know your favourite and what you like in front doors!

NO. 1 Panels Panels and Panels!

NO. 2 Glass and Panels.

NO. 3 The Art of Forged Iron and wood engraving

NO. 4 Chateau Elegance

NO. 5 Beautiful Wood Work

NO. 6 Antique old world

NO. 7 Mahogany

NO. 8 Strong!

NO. 9 Belgian Pearls' Own! by Greete Lefevre

NO. 10 Crespi/ Hicks Estate Home Doors

NO. 11 Simple and Sweet

NO. 12 Prague Nouveau Villa Style

NO. 13 This has everything classic one can desire!

Which one is for YOU? And if it is not here on the photos, what doors do you like to open your home?



  1. Wow , i really like the door , very beautyfull and georgeus , I LOVE it

  2. Wow Zane lucky you! I love the style of doors you're getting, are you taking out the side panels for the stone? I pick number 9, Greet's doors as my favorite they're simple but elegant just my style. I can't wait to see your new doors!


    1. Hi Debra, yes Greete is a genius Nd her front doors are my second pick since I have decided for the Louise style but they are so sleek and elegant and the small glass openings up top are perfection! Great pick, Greete knows her stuff ... Also of course You like them too... we have similar likings sometimes since your kitchen is very similar to mine!! Xo

  3. Zane,
    Thank you so much for featuring me here! I am so pleased to hear that some of my posts have helped you with the reno of your house! It means a lot to me!

    1. Yes thank you Greet, you have been my guidance and reflection for quite some time, you are my hero!

  4. These doors are gorgeous and come from the most amazing sources. I would agree that Greet's doors are stunning:)

    Enjoy this project and we will forward to updates!

    1. Thank you as always you have my respect for great style and lots other things(: and I will show updates I promise.

  5. Love number 9! When we were building 2 years ago, the hubby wanted this option, but it was too expensive an upgrade at the time so we didn't get it. However, I doubt I'll be changing my orange door anytime soon:-). Can't wait to see yours!

  6. BEAUTIFUL post:) I really love wooden doors..they have a touch of history.

    If you want to see a lovely shop..check out my new post:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria from

  7. Oh they will be gorgeous your new doors! looking forward to see them in place:) xo Caroline

  8. Wow I never realized doors could be so fabulous. I can't wait to see how yours come out!

  9. Mine’s No. 4! The Chateau Elegance. There’s this effortless grace it exudes that is very charming. Plus, those lamps make a great statement with the charcoal door. My dream door would absolutely be somewhat similar to this! :D -->Danielle

    1. Thanks Danielle(: yes 4 is so the shape was hard to pick one ...(:

  10. Double doors are to die for! If I had the opportunity (and the money), I'll make one from floor to ceiling! Double doors give an idea that the people living in the house are regal and elegant. I remember seeing a house designed as a castle, I mean a real deal castle looking house and they had double doors like the ones you see on 14th century castles and it was about 20ft high. I wondered how they were able to open those doors. What's funny was that they had a replica of the Excalibur (stuck on a stone) in front of the house!

    Sharron Folkes

    1. Hi Sharron! that is an interesting point actually, I wish I could make them taller than 10 ft but that is my limit ((: the tall very extra tall doors are often on chateaus...yes and they do one thing...they put a smaller door opening on them so you use a small door to enter and the big one opens only when a horse goes in (((: or carriage...
      I also equally love the 15th century doors like yourself!
      thanks for stopping by! hugs Z

  11. I’d either go for no. 4 or for no. 8. What can I say? I like strong, panel doors! They can withstand any harsh weather. Although it is not entirely indestructible and will inevitably wear out if neglected, it needs very minimal maintenance. Have you made your decision yet?

    Allyson Sunde

    1. Hi Allyson, thank you and yes, our doors will be the solid walnut at the top, 14th century ...solid wood glass ((: I also like very strong doors, somehow feel like I am more protected but also it sets the tone for me that I love the chateau style ...or old villa type things...
      hugs Z

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