Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designing Our Front Doors: house update

Hello and welcome back to talking about our "house reno's" and this time it is all about the custom made front entry doors.

Well, they are not made yet, but being designed and in 10 weeks or so, we will enjoy them tremendously.

It has been hard, because we do have a nice front door at the moment in our house but I have always preferred the double opening 14th century look over any doors and so what can you do?

Our Front Doors Now

The Doors we are having made OR
Our Future Doors - French Louis XIV
presented by Greete Lefevre

Well, we are making a few changes and they will be made from walnut, and they will not be arched at the top...just wait and see ...I can't describe it yet! And there will be stone placed on the walls around the doors...lots to do...

But what is important, that Lefevre Interiors had a huge impact on the design with the details that Greete posted on her blog...from her living room renovation stunning is the wood work and our door maker will bring some of it into our new door appearance, which makes me very incredibly happy!

I just LOVE this meticulous work and beautiful design with perfection in wood cutting by Lefevre Interiors!

We are working on this project without a doubt, this is a picture of the door handle by Rocky Mountain that I have selected ...they will be longer in size and on both doors front and back made from dark bronze that will become just gently gold in colour BUT only in places where most I still talking about locks and doors here?...smiles!

LET's get started...with this review of entry doors...Here are some images I have saved on my "door searching" journey and I hope that you will enjoy them too, let me know your favourite and what you like in front doors!

NO. 1 Panels Panels and Panels!

NO. 2 Glass and Panels.

NO. 3 The Art of Forged Iron and wood engraving

NO. 4 Chateau Elegance

NO. 5 Beautiful Wood Work

NO. 6 Antique old world

NO. 7 Mahogany

NO. 8 Strong!

NO. 9 Belgian Pearls' Own! by Greete Lefevre

NO. 10 Crespi/ Hicks Estate Home Doors

NO. 11 Simple and Sweet

NO. 12 Prague Nouveau Villa Style

NO. 13 This has everything classic one can desire!

Which one is for YOU? And if it is not here on the photos, what doors do you like to open your home?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Runway to Workway Fashions: Oscars and Midi Skirts

Hello Ladies,
I had a few Red Carpet favourites and here they are...Which ones did you like?

I love "a son walking his proud mother" there on this infamous red carpet (having said that I will be always happy when ever my son will take me for a one on one walk anyplace)!

And the best dressed

Bye everyone.... Red Carpet Fashions are over and it is time to move on to our ...

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY STYLE: midi skirts, 40's elegance please!

It has been my favourite length for a while now, but seriously, every skirt I buy these days is below the knees. What is going on?

Is it because I want to hide my legs? I won't answer that...but can you also see how easy breezy elegant such classic skirt can be without making you feel OLD.

Well, Dries does it particularly well, no doubt. Youthful and playful yet sophisticated ... It is great for any office environment but also for "a stay at home MOM" like me, as one doesn't need to worry that the skirt is too short at the playground or what ever activity your child brings you you the feminine sophistication to feel respectfully separated from the toddler/ child like attire that one may tend to wear to fit the group! Watch out, save yourself...smiles.

Actually, one more thing, isn't it wonderful that shoes became less dramatic, less multiple platform heights again and small elegant heels returned to us?

All above is by Dries Van Noten (just amazing nouveau) and the last stripes are by Dolce & Gabbana...oh those stripes are making me hot!

And here is something for you Victoria Beckham, shop HERE for the hot red midi skit:

Wishing you a fashionable week with a midi skirt on your shopping list!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Luxury Favorite: between the sheets.

And just between us women, a question for you:

"Have you ever felt like you need to iron your face in the morning?"
Well, I admit to you all that since my mid 30's it has been a more common occurrence for me until I heard somewhere that with age comes the ability to afford "the best of the best"...smiles.

We are not talking about skincare products or cosmetic help of any kind here...(they won't help in this instance).

Look between your sheets ladies!
Yes, let's talk luxury sheets and pillow cases in SILK only.

Resting my face all night on soft silk pillowcase or sheet is the best thing ever that can happen to me at night in bed...well that and my husband next to me of course!

No more lines and impressions in my skin that take longer to disappear than drinking a morning coffee.

It really works, thankfully...

Creating a luxurious bedding situation, I use MANITO SILK sheets and pillowcases to pamper my skin and avoid the morning horror of folds in my face!

Then, mixing in the loveliest linen or cotton tattered shams and duvet cover from MATTEO creates the unique comfort with a stylish edge.

Both together make me feel like Italy married Provence in our bedroom, that is perfect then....

Whatever you choose, pamper your face in silk heaven over night...
Wishing you a smooth face mornings and wonderful week.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Post Valentine's recap:

Few bloggers made an impact on me and here is to spreading the love...

I really enjoyed those "love" readings over at a blogger friend Caroline, click on if you want to read more:

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn't healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits - anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”
―Kim McMillen

If I did make the time to go on a date with my hot husband I let Tina dress me at the Enchanted Home Blog into Lanvin dress in hot pink!

And I would have a laugh with Jennifer from Belclaire House about a pink bedroom and wanting to spend all the time with our son's.... And husbands at home snuggling.

I will apply all this knowledge during our long weekend celebrating a family day in Canada!
Have a great weekend too. XO, Z

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowdrops on Valentine's as always ....

And it is so very special for me as these Eastern European flowers are hard to find! Blooming only in the early spring when snow is still on the ground....they are the first flowers to show up.
My husband searched for them since he proposed to me and now he has a "guy" who brings them for him from BC! Lucky me... Ahhhh

And the beautiful spring smell they give is heavenly! Lilly of the valley ... Similar but they smell much too strong ... Snowdrops are like a blend of fresh snow and spring in the air with a touch of sweetness of childhood to me.

Have a lovely Valentine's day!