Friday, March 9, 2012

Czech actress I admire and think her more beautiful than any other!

I spent a day (yesterday) thinking about women (it was the international women's day after all) that are my idols and that deserve a word of praise and that I respect. There are many of course(:
Being very subjective and living in the arts & fashion world, I chose a famous Czech actress born in 1940's Jana Brejchova. Talented and most beautiful!
This video is from a very favorite musical of many Czechs about our king Karel IV who also established the very first university in Europe in 1348. And this musical shows how his wife was even stronger and not afraid to change things despite the times and about love and how women make men happy and five them a reason to live for. Happy women's day to you all!

Medieval love song.

Rekl lasko ma ja stunu ( My love, I am sick) from A night at Karlstein musical is my best medieval lovesong. Music Karel Svoboda, Singer: Helena Vonrackova, Actress: Jana Brejchova.

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