Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Always the "Go To" Roasted Chicken Recipe by Z:

Hello BACK everyone and sorry for the long "pause" ... it would take another post for me to explain all that has been going on but here we are again, with my passion, cooking for my boys!

"small explanation"

Today, I am happy to share my favorite simple and always "delicious" ONE PAN chicken in the oven meal!

"Red" because it is the colour of one of my favorite spices ...TRUE one and only Hungarian Paprika and no, it is not available in a regular food chain store....On line shopping specialty stores may carry it in America...

Being brought up in Europe, it has given me the appreciation of seasonal cooking that many of us find a bit obsolete with "everything" being available in supermarkets "all year round" but before I share my recipe, allow me to share my recent favorite cook book by MIMI who believes in this old fashioned and very French approach herself. Look it up, you will love it "A Kitchen in France"! 

"my little helper no. 2"

NOW  back to the beginning, here is what you may wanna try if you like chicken... and if I think back in time some 20 years ago, my friend Gill in London, U.K. (not Canada) has made a similar version of this often and here I claim it to be mine....?? 

Season: Winter (but can enjoy all year round)

Main Veggies: Root Vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Onion, Garlic)

Other Veggies: Red Pepper, or Celery or Mushrooms

Meat: whole chicken or chicken quarters or legs (your choice)

Spices: Salt, Pepper Corns, Hungarian Paprika, Cumin Seeds, Fresh Thyme or Dried, Marjoram

Tools: 1 large Le Creuset pot and Oven at 350F for 15 min, then reduce to 300 for an hour, then uncover and finish crispy chicken as you like. 

Need: add 2 cups of Water and generously some Olive Oil in the pot

Secret: the potatoes and vegetables absorb such delightful flavors from the chicken juices and spices and that is why we cook them together, and also save 

Follow Images: 

Ready or not.....



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