Friday, March 2, 2012

How we changed our Mud Room!

In a small space, that we use to take our shoes and coats off it is best to work with custom built in furniture to utilize every bit of space. We needed space to sit and put our son some place (: when putting his shoes on and we needed more storage. We have it all now with custom made bench by Denca. The result makes me happy every day.

And from design perspective, it is all white like our doors and windows and closet but it is gently connected to our cherry kitchen cabinets (that you see when you leave the mud room and enter the kitchen) by having made corbels and the seat area in the same cherry wood, that is quite brilliant in this eclectic European way. I was able to design it with Denca to the most meticulous detail and I have what I want as a result. Enjoy the pictures(:

Another important change was designing and having a door made to close off our mud room. The idea was to get French glass door to be able to see through but I did not see any traditional style here and that would possibly be repeated elsewhere inside the house as well as establish design continuity with all other existing interior doors. I love the old style Euro doors (i.e. can see them in high end historical apartments and villas in Prague) or chateau doors (tall, narrow with three or four decorative panels) and decided to make those panels glass. I found inspiration on the web! We love the door!

Last but not least we changed the greenish tile for a limestone look, is it not better?(:

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