Monday, March 12, 2012

Healthy Monday Recipe!

Kale is not a very everyday vegetable but should be, it is so good for us.
Here is how you quickly make it for children and grown ups together, I just finished it and will serve it with schnitzels(:

The main tool is my food processor! Chop a bunch of kale leaves into very tiny pieces (almost mince is the word) in the processor and put that in a pot with a lid and some heated (3 tbsp) olive oil. Add salt to taste and cover with the lid, keep on low heat.

Peel and cut one ripe papaya. Mince 5 roma tomatoes while keeping some texture to them also in the food processor and add both to the pot with kale after just a few minutes of simmering (using a Dutch oven pot is best).

Stir around, add 1 tbsp of maple syrup (yes I am Canadian and use only the real deal) and 1 tbsp of old style Dijon mustard, medium hot. Stir once more and serve!

It is kind of like a relish but made with barely cooked vegetables(: which makes it healthier and fast.
Enjoy! Radovan is just 2.5 yrs old and loves it!

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