Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family day at the farm and Easter eggs are up!

Well, it was a nice feeling when seeing all the colorful eggs up on the pussy-willow again... It connects my childhood memories of blossoming snowdrops, later the lively tree blossoms everywhere and daffodils or tulips outside with my other favourite , the primerose or we say "petrklic" the key to spring!

Oh no, none of that in Calgary but we have sunshine ... tulips in a vase and my 2 men giving me lots of kisses and smiles makes up for it(:

Maybe I go buy more potted flowers!

Our son enjoyed seeing all the animals at the farm where we did the Kids Easter Egg Hunt today... That was some fun... He kept saying: "funny and phew... There is another poop ((: mama...".

Hope you are having a joyful Saturday! Ciao Z

with goats;

with hens;

sooo cute!

our family room;


eggs and birds((:

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