Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring "must-have" shoe for a Stylish Mother(:

The spring has arrived everywhere in the world but Calgary, so here is a photo from my parents garden in the country of Moravia, the Czech Republic. Lovely, I can dream about it...or take a really long plane ride there...

Here is what I would love to do there...take a bicycle and ride dressed so appropriately in full colorful skirt ...ride through the country & forests taking in the air and loveliness ... stop at a bakery or shop on my way home where I would enjoy a nice dinner with my family on the terrace...I may switch the "high heels" for a nice pair of ballerina flats that are so very essential this season especially if you are a mother like me and go to playgrounds and fields all the time ((:

I just got these pastel pink ones from Gap, they are leather and really very comfortable, more so than many I have had before, to my amazement! I also love the idea of changing ornaments that Sharon from Fashion-isha Blog DOES VERY WELL INDEED!!

Don't you just love how lovely she looks!? You can buy these right HERE on the official MUPS shoes website! They are actually one of a kind as I learnt today! They are not clip ons, they are attached by a unique way, with a strong tape built into the shoes, which is amazing and nobody else offers this! The large selection of ornaments is exquisite.

And did you know that included with each shoe purchased are two different ornaments!? One pair of shoes can be transformed instantly and do I have to say that when we travel, we can pack lighter on shoes then? YES with MUPS! Few pairs of shoes for the price of one, and each ornament will complement your different outfit and look and will transform your shoe to be a different one each time. Also, no one will ever be able to tell that the ornaments are interchangeable. How perfect is that!

Here is my parents house in the Czech Republic, Moravia and in the distance on their property is the tall Linden tree that is our national tree and also that smells the most amazing when blossoming and makes the most amazing tea there is!

And needles to mention that for a terrain like this in the country, we love flats and ballerina style is just so feminine! MUPS will be great here(:

Here is what the blossoms look dry them on a sheet of paper and steep them in hot water and let's drink(:

And this is my Brother's house, all wood, very traditional Moravian ... and the end of my imaginary trip back home to Eastern Europe(:
Hope you have a lovely Spring and don't forget to buy your perfect ballerina slipper!!
Ciao Zaneta

Monday, April 23, 2012

The lamp gave light to our wedding photos!

I am so glad I finally found an antique blue-gray lamp for my husband's side table, it is lovely and fits great, I forgot I had it among the unpacked things in the basement(: We only moved recently!
When I placed in there, it brought our wedding photos to life and I thought of giving you an idea for (in my mind) the best place to get married ...Chateau Jemniste, near Prague, Czech Republic. They provide a wedding planner and arrange everything within a few weeks, no stress and just lots of fun! Look it up, they may have an opening this summer((:

We got engaged in spring and married in summer!

The new lamp is on the right!

I love them together, different but they fit, like me and my man!

Now do you see the wedding photos...not that long ago we were posing for them(:

Well, I was a bossy bride, lets just admit that...they did not have the right choice for our wedding invitations, as the flowers were a certain blend of colours of they had the artist paint a special one for us (above).

Always inspired by the 20's or the deco era wedding look was too. I told Paul Hardy at Paul Hardy Designs what my fantasy was and he made it true reality, he is such a talent!

Ok this was the result...but lets not start there!(:

We had to put our shoes on first...

Get the little ones ready and happy too!

The chateau Jemniste was ready and beautiful as always.

So I walked with my Dad.

The chapel is part of the chateau!

Time to go upstairs and have lunch.

Then it was time to plant our tree in the chateau's garden that will be there forever! You can choose a tree that you want and thankfully they prepare everything and even finish it up for you so that the tree actually survives the bad planting job a bride and a groom may do...((:

We had chateau tours in both languages, Czech and English...we had some knights fighting for us, we had bow and arrow contest and a cake outside by the fountain ...little garden party tea time in the late afternoon.

I am glad I found the lamp for my husband's side table...reminding me of the wedding photos ...perhaps you enjoyed the trip down the memory lane with me((: and if you don't plan to get married there, you may stay there just for fun as it also is a hotel when there is not a wedding in place that is!

We won't be going back this year to water our tree as we have more pressing travels ahead...the next playground park!!!
Have a great week, ciao Zaneta

Sunday, April 22, 2012

French, English or Tuscan house?

As you may know, I love browsing in the Ipad application "the house of the day" by Wall street journal ... I am always on the Europe and US houses mainly, often pondering upon the differences when it comes to French, English and Italian (Tuscan) country styles... here are my latest finds and the enjoyment of comparing them...let me know what you like and think, I am curious to hear how you see things and details and what drives your creativity! Thank you for all your comments and kind interest to join me in my blog(:

Happy Sunday afternoon! hugs Zaneta

By the way: here is how the order will be for every room or comparison:
1. French
2. English
3. Tuscan/ Italian


This French Chateau is lovely, taking a stroll here would be just a "heaven on earth" type of experience.

English Georgian country home ... I can feel the air and beautiful forests ... hunting time ((:

OK Tuscany is also the place of my dreams and amazing style. The beautiful facade and doors! How about those barrels for flower pots!


It seems very warm and colourful in this FRENCH Chateau entry hall. This kind of interior gave me the idea of having some warm yellow walls in our house too! Often there is chandelier in French hallways, but also lanterns would be a choice...What I have my eyes glued the oversized armoire!

Here is what I would wear "Chanel boho dress" in a French Chateau in my dreams...very important, interior with good style in fashion..always on my mind(: and voila I connect the two. Wouldn't such outfit look amazing in the hallway above?

2 images for ENGLISH hall ways/ stairs. Yes we see the lanterns...but it is so different from French hall ways, isn't it? And it is very proper and quite lovely.

TUSCANY, a bit more dramatic, with millwork and cool stone staircase and don't you just love those blue-green vases!

Dramatic hallway, dramatic Gucci to wear!


Here is the FRENCH way to do it...

And now the ENGLISH like it differently! I see often that Georgian or Victorian English homes use heavier curtain styles and to French or Italian...

Italian TUSCANY: one word from me: they know what is sexy! In fashion or interior, they are just that.


FRENCH La Cornue kitchen, the owners of the chateau renovated a huge deal of the place and they chose the "best" kitchen! Leaving me speechless...

But I have a few things to say anyway((: as here is the link to where to find them, my dream stoves and ovens straight from France: La Cornue

I don't get a sale's commission incase you are wondering(: I just adore La Cornue and it is my dream is great to have dreams! Things and moments to look forward to...HERE is some of my web finds:

The colours they offer are so unique and amazing that I would not even know which one to choose, I love them all currently!

ok, I continue with the English promised.

ENGLISH kitchens, the country style is more simple perhaps, cute.

TUSCAN kitchen here is from sources unknown on the internet as the Wall street J. did not publish a kitchen from the Tuscan home I am showing here...but you get the idea(:


FRENCH dining room from a different villa.

This look would be just lovely and soft by Chanel, where this French villa has a nice pool outside to enjoy, so this revealing look would be ideal(:

ENGLISH dining.

And Alexander McQueen would be the perfect look to wear here in this dining room.

Christina Rottman's TUSCAN dining room brings a very strong masculine and dark wood, just beautiful.

TUSCAN villa dining room from WSJ house of the day.

An outfit by Dolce & Gabbana that brightens up any dark furniture and mood would be perfect...

Please let me hear your views on comparing these styles ...visiting these homes for sale on WSJ house of the day gives me the opportunity to foreign house hunting whilst sipping my Sunday afternoon coffee(:
Can't wait to hear from you and your tips! ciao Z

some facts: built 1845, 13 bedrooms, fully renovated with central heating system, England Cornwall, for $3,2 million!

How divine?!
Ok now that is really it for today! My coffee break is over (:
Now looking at all this what I selected today, I do perhaps like the simpler less filled with stuff rooms and styles