Thursday, January 31, 2013

Significant home: 135 million dollar Estate?

Perhaps you can imagine living there ... Ok I can too, besides what little girl hasn't dreamt of her own chateau, whilst perfectly furnishing each room in her wild imagination.

Waking up this morning to receive this email from my husband with an article about a 135 million dollar home in Texas for sale... Thinking: "did he buy it for me?" &
"Are we moving soon?"... Was my next question ...

Please have a look for yourself, I had to share this beauty with you:

Don't we all love the Colours of the Trees...this property has it all.

As this ARTICLE perfectly describes, there are plenty of homes that should not deserve much attention when the architecture is done poorly.

I wonder what the author would have to say about the badly built homes here in Calgary ... Don't get me wrong .. I love this city and Alberta to bits but builders here can create some horrific disasters ... Here is one for you in our neighborhood by City Core and they do build awful structures...

But now, more about this architectural heaven!

Great entry ...

This stunning wrought iron glass entry door reminds me of another estate worth the mention any day! Tina's ENCHANTED HOME with flawless architecture and beautiful entry way.

Tina's home.

Even just wondering through the hallways in a sexy Gucci dress would be like the style "orgasm", right?

The change of pace and placing a beautiful blue-gray doors among other all white ones speaks of the greatest taste.

Some unexpected rooms with modernized classic design is so fresh.

Loving how they have achieved a very eclectic feel but definitely not cluttered!

The outside is equally well done with magical gardens and forest mix...

There are plenty more photos if you look at the ARTICLE and they are worth it!

Have a great day with dreams!


  1. Hello darling, the property in Dallas is on 25 acres 8 miles from downtown Dallas. So. A home recently sold in San Francisco for near this same price, it was perched on top of a hill overlooking everything, they say a Korean man bought it for a 2nd home for his wife. About $125,000,000. Very rarefied air indeed.

    1. Wow... Yes the property is increadible... I love Texas but the fact that it is so close to Dallas!! Great(:
      And don't like falsely rich Asian men buying in the west either... Just me(: I am almost certain those are dirty money and I can't support it... Hugs z

  2. I'm speechless! A beautical piece of property and the decor is just gorgeous. The entry and stairway is so dramatic. I can't imagine the staff required to manage this estate!

    Thanks for sharing with us!!


    1. Yes Leslie(: it is probabl 1 person per room to manage is overwhelming just thinking about it, right?
      xox Z

  3. really grant iw ould say juss managing living in that space would be crazyyyyy hehe..thanks so much for your sweet words really nice!
    new post is up sweetie about my fav hairstyle :)

  4. I have to admit that for once an overpriced estate has taste, this is a beautiful home. The few rooms seen on here are actually tasteful without being overdone. You can tell how much thought was put into this home. Usually I can't see myself in these places but this one I can. So did your husband buy it for you?....;)


    1. Oh Debra ((: he of course did not buy it for me and his comment was ...darling this will never happen! But I am not sad, it is just fun to dream about, I love our small home and the fact that I can always find my 2 boys near me...not lost in a big space! But I can be objective and love this home for its class and style like you said is worth viewing ... and enjoying to look at....have a lovely weekend Debra, xo Z

  5. wow these photos are amazing.
    so pretty home
    love your blog

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  7. The landscape is impeccable on this place! This is a beauty for sure! Great eyecandy for today. Thanks for sharing! XX

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  9. What a beautiful place... So elegant and royal... My only problem with it is, who's cleaning the house? Hahaha!

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  11. This is just gorgeous, all of it! xo Caroline

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