Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Always the "Go To" Roasted Chicken Recipe by Z:

Hello BACK everyone and sorry for the long "pause" ... it would take another post for me to explain all that has been going on but here we are again, with my passion, cooking for my boys!

"small explanation"

Today, I am happy to share my favorite simple and always "delicious" ONE PAN chicken in the oven meal!

"Red" because it is the colour of one of my favorite spices ...TRUE one and only Hungarian Paprika and no, it is not available in a regular food chain store....On line shopping specialty stores may carry it in America...

Being brought up in Europe, it has given me the appreciation of seasonal cooking that many of us find a bit obsolete with "everything" being available in supermarkets "all year round" but before I share my recipe, allow me to share my recent favorite cook book by MIMI who believes in this old fashioned and very French approach herself. Look it up, you will love it "A Kitchen in France"! 

"my little helper no. 2"

NOW  back to the beginning, here is what you may wanna try if you like chicken... and if I think back in time some 20 years ago, my friend Gill in London, U.K. (not Canada) has made a similar version of this often and here I claim it to be mine....?? 

Season: Winter (but can enjoy all year round)

Main Veggies: Root Vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Onion, Garlic)

Other Veggies: Red Pepper, or Celery or Mushrooms

Meat: whole chicken or chicken quarters or legs (your choice)

Spices: Salt, Pepper Corns, Hungarian Paprika, Cumin Seeds, Fresh Thyme or Dried, Marjoram

Tools: 1 large Le Creuset pot and Oven at 350F for 15 min, then reduce to 300 for an hour, then uncover and finish crispy chicken as you like. 

Need: add 2 cups of Water and generously some Olive Oil in the pot

Secret: the potatoes and vegetables absorb such delightful flavors from the chicken juices and spices and that is why we cook them together, and also save 

Follow Images: 

Ready or not.....



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What? It is December already?

Clearly we are behind (me and my boys) as the question pops UP all the time: "where has the time gone... How will I ever catch up on things?"

Playing and having fun is most on our agenda... We had our eye check done and all three of us (me and the kids) except for my husband have perfect vision and need absolutely nothing but sunglasses for the crazy amount of sun in Calgary!

I love my few fox hats... No faux fur for me! They work with my new Miami Jim's (sunglasses).

We have been baking for us and school lots...

Everything Honey cookies or Honey cake!

We do have fun and time flies! Isn't my baby boy COOL!? He is a natural talent on the climb wall.

Pretty determined at tennis!

And the baby brother is very A cool 8 MONTHER himself now!!!

This is how I feel: over the moon and back happy!!!

Hope you stop and enjoy days like us sometimes...


Friday, November 21, 2014

Love socks now!

I love comfort ... Do you? But not without style and femininity.

But as far as socks go, often they don't have it all!

Well, perhaps these do... I have been enjoying them now for few days (fresh pair every day I may add in case someone is wondering ...) and recommend you get some. They may be for yoga and Pilates ... But I use them for everything ....the softness on your soles combined with lace or netting on top...

In summer or spring I wear those "all lace" styles but in this cold weather ... How to combine beauty and practicality? With Sashi.

At home not only they look like beautiful flats or ballet slippers on your feet but do they have a fantastic grip on those slippery surfaces and stairs!? Yes. 

FEET up and relax. Why not?

Have a "sock on" cozy weekend!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter Skin: -20C with lots of SUN

Hello and deespite the cold ...hopefuly you are enjoying yourself!

It has been real cold in Calgary for just a few days and since my immigration here, long winters are not the best friend when it comes to skin.

Here are a few tips I can share for a simple care and maintanance for continuous youthful appearance!

Turning 41 a few days ago, it seems to me even more important now ... but being of a European upbringing there is simplicity and certain "must(s)" that I won't skip since my 15th birthday ....

1. Wash your face at night real well and mornings too!

...sometimes I use an apricot scrub at night and sometimes just my sponge with a bit of clensing milk after I removed my make up...

2. After clensing, sometimes it is nice to use a moisturizing mask or purifying one:

3. Night cream follows at night but mornings are a bit more work ...smiles. 

a/ use serum: Antioxidant is best..."C"

b/ then lots of moisture and hydration: using a rose cream and plum eye cream at the moment, all natural and no perfumes...

c/ PROTECT!! Especially in winter ...Calgary is famous for the amount of sun we get and with the snow reflecting into our faces it is worse sun damage than even summer can be...and we live in really hight altitude...

This product is "zinc" and very pleasant...not sticky ...don't even feel it on your face...and non clogging...

4. OK FOUNDATION is for every woman, I think it not only protects from environment....(even if Calgary is voted the cleanest and best city to live in!) but also makes your skin appear even and reflecting light so nicely that you don't even need other make up much....

There is not a better one than Giorgio ...

All done...from this to that! In less than 10 minutes ... but my skin feels lovely! 

And if you (of course) wish to keep more products to mix it up sometimes and we all do have more products we buy anyways, I simplified my life and placed the most every day used things on a lovely tray on my sink and the rest in a drawer. Honestly, sometimes I completely forget what is in that drawer and search in it but lucky I have my tray to keep me on top of the "MUST HAVES" every day for my skin. 

Enjoy the winter and sun with all the benefits to your skin! Don't forget your fashion sunglasses...

Funny boy ...isn't he!?

Hope your day is fabulous, XO Z

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all:

Sun inside and out: we are thankful for being together and all the love that we share!

We play already together!

We will have friends over for a couple roasted ducks (not turkey)...

For beautiful decorated pumpkins' inspiration visit Tina at the Enchanted Home blog: who would have guessed the time for simple pumpkins is over and nowadays they resemble easter egg decorating...smiles..I will stay just simple I think.

We baked thes delish Martha Stewart pumpkin squares.

Recipe HERE

Happy Autumn and weekend to you!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Pleasures:

We all know it is over with summer ... smiles ... and in our house, we try to enjoy every warmish day outside on our porch or otherwise.

Baby Evzen turned 6 months! And he likes a good ride with his big brother. 

This wonderful Hudson Bay Hammock swing is a popular spot but I am tempted to improve it and replace it ...

Have you seen this?

Penobscot Bay Porch Swings or one of them will be our new cozy spot and I can't wait!!

Happy Wednesday!