Saturday, March 10, 2012

Before and after in OUR FAMILY ROOM.

When we bought the house I knew this room must GO. Well, we did not move walls but because it is quite narrow, the style of built-ins and fireplace made it even narrower and the regular window did not make any sense when the patio was right under it but we couldn't get there from our family room to enjoy the indoor outdoor lifestyle (:

We put a French door in by Pella (best idea ever), and we took out the whole fire place ensemble and placed a stone one in instead to reflect more of the old world country style that the house itself carries through.
OUR LIVING ROOM NOW! We changed the french patio doors, and added mud room door. As you may see above, but below compare with the old look.
Click on photos to see the full width of them.

BEFORE. Here you can see that the old nook was empty (:

AFTER: our nook has the built-in benches and cafe curtain, it is our second living room practicaly, you may even take a nap there! Great space.

NOW: completed, just waiting for a french style round and textured beige carpet.

BEFORE: with the old fireplace and built-ins and short window.

Our family room at the time of taking out the old and putting in the new fireplace and removing the built-in cabinets and changing / putting in the french doors and re-framing the opening into our mud room so we can hang the custom made doors and close off the shoe area finally.

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