Friday, May 4, 2012

GARDENS: Landscaping in our "almost downtown" backyard! Ideas? Please!

I am from HERE: the forested country land!

Born near Stramberk town with its special tower (here), Novy Jicin town where the cutest town square exists and the rolling hills of Hukvaldy town and its' castle ruin in Northern Moravia(: You get the idea...(see all in order below please).

LOOK BELOW: I moved HERE: to the lovely house with smaller backyard than any country home can offer and the climate is dry and mostly wintery so it can be hard to grow anything here. It is good to live near downtown though and compromise on the size of the garden... Calgary has lots of green areas compare to other cities and we love having daddy at home more as he doesn't need to drive far to work and we have a large green space in front of our property and forest behind and river in walking we are happy(:

Now I have been getting some shopping done with my son ... garden tiles, bushes, plants, name it...and about 24 cubic yards of stone is to arrive on Saturday for me to landscape our yard into something French / English looking that will give us some relaxation outside.

Such a good helper ...getting the bark in the bucket and out it goes! Too much bark is just so brown and gets looking old quickly in my mind, not as fresh as stones! The French and Europeans know how to make things look good. Too much bark makes me feel like I live in the forest and perhaps that is very Canadian and lovely, but not for style with stones is the way we going here, so pick it up my boy, you are so strong at work ((:

We planted some flowers in the front in pots and will add Lilly of the Valley under the trees ...but the landscaping stones will have to be placed near the house with some lovely boxwood and other bushes I think.

HERE IS MY DREAM gardens inspiration collection and who knows what I will do to our yard from that vision! Help me?


Introducing the "Le Manoir de Kerledan" - a luxury French B&B!

Ok this one is very special, I found this on the My French Country Home Blog written by Sharon, she inspired me to research more about gardens before I do anything about ours!((:

And another from the lovely blog "My French Country Home"

THIS IS how it looked before it was a B&B how hard can it be to change and fix up our yard? (: Not that hard but I still am worried and excited about it at the same time.

BELGIAN PEARLS! THE BLOG Belgian Pearls by Greet has just inspired my gardening needs with such European country Villa style ideas, check it out HERE AT BELGIAN PEARLS AND thank you Greet!

And how about LIVING WITH LIS Blog! I have just learnt about Espaliered Trees!
I guess I have seen them before but never would have thought of it now, as I am busy designing our garden...Lis is always full of ideas, that are great! Symmetry at its nature's best...
Check it out, Espalier researched by LIS at Living with Lis Blog

We must not forget that we have a FRONT YARD and here to follow are some lovely facades and drive ways of some beautiful villas out there!

Enjoy your weekend and if you are planning to do some gardening like me, let me know what your are doing, I need any help I can get and wishing you all a nice weather and happy gardening! Ciao Z


American country!

Romantic USA.

JUST perfection.

French enough? Merci!
Just love the stone driveway!

Connecticut waterfront...oh yes!

Manor in New Jersey.

French country pretty.

Symmetry ...

UPDATE on my gardening: SAT morning - as we just had a snowstorm, I may not be able to plant anything! Now you may understand how hard it is to grow a garden in Calgary ... Just found out I can't plant the so lovely boxwood in this climate either ... I can but it doesn't survive our winters... So sad!


  1. Lots of inspiration here! I love the boxwood and english garden.

  2. Wow it's so frustrating when you love beauty and are used to lots of nature and then you become so limited. Just do a little bit at a time and soon you will have a beautiful garden!

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