Friday, March 2, 2012

A very small room is a very big room!

We use our mud room so much, doesn't every one? Our mud room when we moved here was without doors separating our kitchen which I find beyond annoying. Who wants to look at dirty shoes when cooking dinner or eating or relaxing in family room... I like the modernity of not having small closed up rooms but some things are just not to be seen ... unsightly is the word.
So here are the photos of our mud room before we renovated the space, so small but so big in use! It was small and we did not enjoy the tiles either (they were in our main hallway and powder room too and had to go!).
Our mud room had a spacious closet and we kept it.
Here is the OLD MUD ROOM pictures as it was when we bought the house in October 2011.
BEFORE: old tiles and no bench, it was a space that defined the word impractical!

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