Friday, March 9, 2012

Our family room got the Asian screen shelves today!

It was quite the assembly(: but well worth it! Finally our giant sofa (4,5 m long) doesn't look so lonely and huge(:
Our ceiling is 10 ft tall so yes it is high!
They balance the room perfectly. When there was nothing defining the corners on each side of the fireplace, your eyes would wonder toward the big sofa and mainly just the fireplace making the room seem even more narrow! Tall posts like these we chose are best to really point out how high the ceiling is and to open up the width of the room. Lot of times people thing smaller space needs small furniture but I disagree. Strongly (: Have a great Friday evening!
As they are assembling The first one.

Click to view all of this one. Took it last Night before we had The towers.

It is coming!

A bit of perspective with me in it! I am 5'8 btw (170cm).

Working hard.

Last prior towers.

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