Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oscars and what to PUT ON:

What girl's girl or feminine woman wouldn't wanna think about or imagine or wear gowns suitable for royalty and looks that would impress whom ever we wish to impress?

I wanna seduce my husband of course but "flirt" I may with Leonardo... DiCaprio....Europeans's healthy ... Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health... Smiles.

And for all that I have found the perfect looks I would wear from fall 2014 runways.

Emilio Pucci and this sunset colour is my fav! Those cool casual pockets are temping.

No nickers please!

No bra either! 

Sexy is back.

Sexy is front!

Pucci has a bejewelled drama version too, one has to be noticed in this one!

Roberto Cavalli's rich prints and beautiful colours resembling an indigo night are sure to be right for me too...the 20's lower waist line ...among my favorite ones! 

Couple blogging friends with great taste may be an inspiration you enjoy as much as I did:

1. Amazing detail and lux fabrics that by Etro for "fall 2014" that Marsha at Splenderosa certainly picked well!

2. Lovely Leslie from Around the Table has tips for us ladies on true red lips and more, just watch the very helpful video!

3. Sweet Sharon from Fasion Aisha always knows how to give us the right advice and leather jacket is a great wardrobe staple.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Love Day!

I really would but I won't wear this sexy dress by Gucci to a night date with my lover... "My husband"!

We will be staying at home....

Neither this one by Dolce & Gabbana....

Or imagine this combo with sexy gold mini in brocade by Dolce...

I may wear this cozy look by Dolce ....Smiles... As it is still winter where we live...and this look will go with me in the kitchen baking a delishious cake... For the 3 of us to share the love we have in our house.

I may need to take the fur top off for the baking task! Well, who am I kidding? 8 months pregnant I will not fit any of these dream ensembles ...

Instead, with my son we focus on selecting and making the perfect cake for us to enjoy!

Like the wedding cake we once had....hmmmmm, it was a divine French raspberry white chocolate cake!

Visit chateau Jemniste if you like to get some when you travel to the Czech Republic.

Or a French Fraisier cake? This is a really nice one... Click here for the Recipe.

I may simplify the French strawberry cake and go for this simple but tasty looking version by Martha Stewart! And go crazy on fresh whipped that is temptation ...

After all that and our son asleep in HIS bed, I know I will wear "nothing" to bed except for Chanel Noir!

Sensual romance....

Have a great love filled Friday, February 14th!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day of a Mother and Child:


Let me begin by saying that before I became a stay-at-home mom, which was a no regret full on my decission and I would not have it any other way (reason: can't possibly get enough cuddles and laughter and play with my baby boy), I WAS WONDERING ABOUT THOSE MOMS ...WHAT CAN THEY POSSIBLY DO ALL DAY!? of course I wish there were more hours in a day....

Let's see how this goes....

After morning snuggles in bed and getting up....we breakfast (this is tuna salad with avocado and bree and strawberries on chia seed bread):

Then we have energy to rescue people from danger with a rescue helicopter and fly a big plane to where Daddy went...Arizona...

Those cactuses can't compete with our snow! Right?

We prefer to eat snow....go skiing or swimming instead of golfing (: Daddy....

We keep busy with a class or two every day, just not full kindergarten yet.... mommy would cry her eyes out and there is no rush for school...really. 

We come home and discuss lunch....(good paella):

It is also fun to shop for a new car, and discovering that we are a Mercedes couple ... me and my son that is...Getting a new white GL class .... gosh it is big, and fun to drive! Daddy got our VW touareg V10 - so it is at least sporty fast for him...if not new! I think we are Euro style drivers...for sure. 

The red was fun, but white was more our colour in the end....

We make sure to wash hands well after we go use the toilet....

We get busy with Ipad or trains... while mom either repaints and redecorates the shared kid's bathroom from beige into gray, blue, green combo with new sconces and also slowly gets the baby brother bedroom organized and ready. At the moment, the big brother occupies it with a complete train and traffic situation!

I enjoyed the small make over with bringing the wall colour from each boy's bedroom to frame their mirror and all ceilings in both bedrooms and the barthroom are mint blue.... it was fun.

We go food shopping together....and lucky mommy .... her son is a strong helper!

Before supper we play more...building things! Mommy gets distracted with pretty interiors research....

Don't you love this entry and kitchen?

We read together....or do puzzles...

We take a bath after supper....

Watch our baby brother move in mommy's tummy (:

And when her son falls asleep soundly snuggling together...

If you are looking for a good baby / child camera.... here is a link to one that came my way recently. 

I sit down and enjoying the calm cozy feeling the same time wondering why my hair doesn't look like this.....

Check out the long hair styles for 2014!

My feet up...wishing you a good restfull night...after this long fun day!