Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring closet update:

I finally got to buy a spring pleated skirt and a sheer knit top in nude Colour and will definitely do more, just as soon as I decide whether to get pregnant again or not(: because that changes my style drastically! Or actually my size, not style... I still wear tight sexy stuff with high heels of course.

Anyways, here is my stylist's perspective on what you should be looking for in the stores now.

1. Deco looks or dropped waist frocks and skirts and it is my personal favorite fashion period - 20's are always a classic! But now more than ever;

2. Show your ABs but not your belly button! High waisted skirts and cropped tops that I used to love in the 90's and Elizabeth Taylor in 50's are back ... just today i think with way cooler fabrics and prints;

3. Nude, yes that sounds sexy and try that in the bedroom but I am talking hues and Colour pallets - they are soft and muted and either beige nudes or with a hint of Colour like a delicious pastel pistachio perhaps or cream yellows, we have lots of choices this spring;

4. The modern prints - computer generated or very out of this world and artistic creations are seen everywhere! So don't you think that you can get away with the last seaon's ones! Everyone will be able to tell(: go shopping!

5. Get physical - active looking clothes is perfect for a mother like myself, staying trendy and in style and ready to run after my 2 year old son! Please do not confuse this with lulu lemon stuff that belongs to the gym not on the street!!!

By Nicole Miller - look no.5

By Isabel Marrant - look no.5

By Jonathan Saunders - look no.3 (even ombré in pale hues)

By Valentino - look no. 3

By Diane Von Furstenberg - look no.3

By Dior - look no.1

By Dolce & Gabbana - look no.2

By Lanvin - look no.3

By Alberta Ferretti - look no.1

By Dolce & Gabbana - look no.4 and no.2

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