Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Czech Republic, visiting continues, spring:


How beautiful is this season and without too much said, sharing a few images to spread the feeling of everything good. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Czech Republic, visiting continues, Stramberk and area:

The longer I have been back home in Central Europe, the less I had been wanting to return to Calgary ... Sadly, it is approaching. Well, I am very looking forward to seeing my husband again, nevertheless, the wintery weather and going from spring to winter is just unnatural, right? 

Before I get too deep and postpone our flights, I would like to share a few images from our wonderful stay and visiting the most romantic medieval town of Stramberk.

Not much is written well about this town in English texts, but the thing to know is that the castle and tower were built sometimes in the 13th century and in 1359 this place was named a town of Stramberk by Jan Jindrich Lucembursky, the brother of the Roman emperor and Czech King, Karel IV. 
In the 17th century, the city was attacked many times by the Turks and Hungarians, and even though they did not succede, they used to cut people's ears off according to the history records, which created a very unique pastry being sold in Stramberk, shaped like EARS, this honey pastry is famous! We bought a full bag of them today....loving them!


If you happen to be near by and want to visit and stay in a lovely hotel, where we had lunch today (right under the tower) here is some information: 

+420 556 808 843

I hope your spring is as fullfilling as ours and wishing you time to enjoy it!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Czech Republic, visiting continues, the country-side.

You may have seen here on the blog, that we are currently visiting Europe, the Czech Republic, my home town, all my relatives and parents ...even grandparents, which is great grandparents to our son Radovan. 
We left before Easter and went to see Jemniste near Prague first, the chateau that we got married in, take a peek "HERE". 

We will stay a whole month and it seems that the welcoming snowstorm is a real history now and spring is all around us finaly.  
We were enjoying the snowdrops outside today!

Radovan is very excited about all the relatives and family always around and the daily kindergarten visits (just for 2 hours) and learning songs and rhymes and playing with the Czech kids is an extra added bonus, and I am extatic that he can attend the same kinderkarten that I went to myself!  Suddenly he is speaking such long sentences...it is fun to watch him. 

After Kindergarten Class Today!

I was also pleased to discover what a great cook my brother has become and he bought me several cooking books with some great Czech recipes, in case you want to get it, click "HERE" or wait for me to make some of the dishes and I will post about it later when we return to Calgary...smiles.

My favourite was the stretched pastry Vienna type of strudel that my little brother made and I have not eaten a better one even in Vienna's famous hotel cafe. It tasted double sweet as his log cabin Wallachian  traditional house is very cozy and filled with family...nothing can be better. 

I forgot to photograph the whole strudel but here is a small piece of it (very left side) on the table along with the home baked bread rolls that my brother mastered!

And when in the Czech Republic, one must not omitt the shopping for famous porcelain products, like Karlovy Vary porcelain that I have been busy with too, very pretty indeed.

I have selected some beautiful easy silver-white pieces for every day use and beautiful teal-green cup & saucer set with hunting theme, that I just love and fits with my green blue dining room!
Judge for yourself: 

Yes, if you are thinking that it must be hard to transport them all the way across the Atlantic, you are RIGHT, but I can not NOT buy porcelain every time we are here, it is just too hard. I am an ADDICT! 

Hope you are having a lovely week as well! Let me know how you are doing ...


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Have you a heart ?

A sad story that I have read tonight after a very happy family afternoon at my cousin's house and later my brother's house... Thinking ever so greatfully that everyone is healthy in our circle... And the kids even more so and happy...

I would like to share this story with you:

So it is written by Sheridan as follows:
"An old old friend of mine that I first met 20 years ago at camp emailed me yesterday. Her younger sister, Abbye Irons, is in Houston at St. Luke's as you read this. She was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy in October 2010 - in other words, a virus attacked her heart, making it double the size of a normal heart and preventing it from operating at more than 10% - and has been fighting for her life ever since. After surgery and an LVAD implant, her heart was the size of a football, she was on 15 medications daily, an internal defibrillator and a battery pack that kept her heart beating. 

LVADs can cause blood clots, and in late October 2011, 4 months after the implant, Abbye suffered a stroke. She had lost her speech at the time but has done a miraculous job of regaining it. She was doing fairly well until January, when she began to retain fluid and experienced shortness of breath. After several echocardiograms {sonograms of her heart} the doctors determined on February 27th it was time for Abbye to be moved up on the transplant list to Level 2. 1B and 1A are the most critical. Her condition continues to worsen and she has been in the hospital since March 5th. 

Two weeks ago, she was moved to 1A. "

You can read more. Just click on the image or word SHERIDAN...

Thank you! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

There is a light ...

How do you select and shop for lighting fixtures? Where do you go?

Perhaps it is a simple and easy task for some but it has taken me over a year to kind of make it in our new house yet there are a few that I have not replaced after moving in, let me just say they all need to go.

Finally, I found the perfect lantern for our staircase that features black iron railing ... The lantern is made of an antique bronze and probably used to hang in a commercial or institutional setting c 1930, was restored with black and gilt polychrome finish and is just over 4 feet tall. It was refurbished by a wonderful company "Rejuvenation" because after receiving it last week, we were impressed with the work they have done, the packaging and speedy shipment.  It is exquisite. I will be their repeat customer ... Take a look...I will share more images once I am back from our European travels and once it is up where it belongs... our staircase. 

Some eye candy for lighting fixture connaisseurs could be this art deco marvel below that I photographed at the chateau Jemniste the other day, as we visited the place that we got married at ... this chateau is special and romantic for us and always will be...but this chandellier is a gem, right?!

It has been cold over here, but we were very warm in our hearts, especially seeing our wedding chateau after 5 years with our son for the first time, and him hugging the tree we planted on our wedding day (red oak) ... it certainly grew up! Just like our boy I shall say. 

After staying for 2 nights in one of the Chateau Jemniste rooms (Rainer - our wedding room) we headed to my parents and brother's houses for Easter celebration.

Where do you go for the LIGHT?