Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What? It is December already?

Clearly we are behind (me and my boys) as the question pops UP all the time: "where has the time gone... How will I ever catch up on things?"

Playing and having fun is most on our agenda... We had our eye check done and all three of us (me and the kids) except for my husband have perfect vision and need absolutely nothing but sunglasses for the crazy amount of sun in Calgary!

I love my few fox hats... No faux fur for me! They work with my new Miami Jim's (sunglasses).

We have been baking for us and school lots...

Everything Honey cookies or Honey cake!

We do have fun and time flies! Isn't my baby boy COOL!? He is a natural talent on the climb wall.

Pretty determined at tennis!

And the baby brother is very A cool 8 MONTHER himself now!!!

This is how I feel: over the moon and back happy!!!

Hope you stop and enjoy days like us sometimes...



  1. What a lovely family you are, and the hat is 100% splendid.

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