Saturday, June 30, 2012

Donuts or Cupcakes for you?

Let me ask you, what do you prefer? They are not exactly healthy but once in a while, they are just too good to not ever eat them (:
Do you prefer one to the other?
I do and here is why:

1. Donuts can be eaten warm, cupcakes can't!
2. If you have a free finger, you can carry a donut .... cupcake would be harder...
3. You can eat donuts for breakfast (being Canadian, I love Tim Horton's in the morning lol) but you realy should not eat cupcakes.

Here are some photos to share with you from our day going to the zoo, and visitng a gourmet donut place "Jelly Modern Donuts" in Calgary after we had a healthy lunch in our local health food market.

After the long walk (for some a motor bike ride) through the outdoor Canadian section, we all deserved those donuts...

At the Jelly Modern Donut shop in Calgary, not only you can book up for a party but you also may come (sign up first) on Tuesdays and the kids get entertained with stories and play and their moms can have coffee and donut! Heaven on earth, right?
Antonija Malnar, can we do that please!

Oh I loved the coconut flavored one above.

So what will it be for you?

Or those lovely DONUTS?
These are actually increadibly smart as they use a cupcake butter frosting and here is the recipe FOR THE HEAVENLY SINFUL COMBINATION below:

And apparently this is THE EASIEST DONUT RECIPE if you want life simpler!

Or we just take it BOTH IN ONE? Lucky for us...we don't have to even choose! LIFE IS GREAT!

Have a delicious weekend everyone!
Hugs Z

P.S. We can also document, it is very easy for kids to entertain!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wall Street Journal Houses Review:

Browsing again through what we can label the "world house market of the moment", I found some worth looking at!
Well, something is happening in the world! The old is replaced with new, modern scary stuff (: Should we investigate that? Ok, it seems to be very current that old historical places are completely modernized inside when it comes to furniture and I don't mind it actually ...see it for yourself.

NO. 1 - This Provencal Chateau is quite the Castle, right?

It dates back to 12th century and is on the market for $8,5 million. Well, it is more modern than 12th century would appear to be right? But this is nothing yet!

NO. 2 - Another catch would be in U.K. and with its Georgian facade it is quite the surprise to see the modernized inside:

Quite loving the kitchen, modern classic for sure, reminds me of my kitchen with its transitional cabinetry, blended with French country touches and that farmers sink.

And having that English garden would not be bad either, this house is only 50 miles away from London downtown and is on the market for $4,31 million.

NO. 3 - Victorian Mansion in U. K. with 8 bedrooms and rolling countryside hills: It is bordering the counties of Kent and Sussex. And for sale for $3,5 million.

This kitchen is a dream and a bit of a reminder of the kitchen Mise has (: in Ireland, you can visit her blog PRETTY FAR WEST and see for yourself! Her stove is bright yellow and just so feminine too!

NO. 4 - America, the house is Modern Traditional in Sag Harbor, N. Y. :

Absolutely stunning dining table and despite my preference for more traditional French chairs, I love these retro blue-green comfy looking things! Don't you?
Totally would change the lighting though (: My modernity has a limit too...

The house is listed for $3,695 million.

NO. 5 - East Harlem Brownstone, in N. Y.

With features like the fieldstone dating to when it was built in 1912, it is a very old and modern space which is quite unique, and must have been fun to furnish and renovate.

The property is now listed for $865,000 and boasts with over $200,000 investment in renovations. Seems too good to be true ...

I hope you enjoyed the tour around Europe and U.S. and shopping for properties with me. I love to spend my time like that, it relaxes me and gives me more real perspective ... of course next to reading your and other blogs ladies!
Hugs Z

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tuesday work week fashions are here, a bit late today, my apologies!

Here I got inspired by some suiting worn by Kristen Stewart in Elle magazine photo shoot! The masculine feel is sexy on a woman ... and she is stunning.
And perhaps the continuous rain in Calgary is a deterrent from wearing skirts this week for me!

Wearing blazers or pants works well when done by Stella McCartney, and when adding the pop of a bright colour. If you like any of the looks, just click the image to shop for them.

Have a splendid fashionable week!

Monday, June 18, 2012

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY or holiday way?

The Tuesday Fashion time is here again and we are off to a warm destination ... vacation style. Last year we went to Greece. This year? It is a secret.

But what is not a thing of mystery is the way I have been inspired when it comes to holiday "rags" as we say in Czech, or see it for yourself...

This time we won't dress for any work style!

Images above are By Marios Schwab; I am trying to look French wearing a cool the ideas from a cool read at the Paris Breakfast Blog by Carol together with a good laugh!

Fashions are by Norma Kamali; great hair....French indeed! Want the head piece, how practical as it will look mesmerizing at the pool bar or swimming in the water...

Shop HERE for red and white swim wear.
Or just HERE for a red one, both looks below:

Wardrobe ready! Location above suits it! Just Perfect!

Have a lovely week and even lovelier vacation if you are heading somewhere...either way have a stylish week.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello ladies!
... And you may remember my effort to make Tuesday the fashion Day where we give ourselves something exciting to wear and enjoy the beginning of a new week that much more therefore...

I would like to start this week's inspiration with a stylish celebrity and the interview she gave to ELLE magazine and perhaps we can feel the most amazing wearing nothing sometimes!

This is also for Mesmerize, the very beautiful woman from Poland who is soon to be a mother!

... Back to clothes now ...
but not too much of it anyways ...

SEDUCTIVE SENSUAL LACE, BLUSH HUES, RUFFLES, SILKY FABRICS ... No we are not talking lingerie today!

Lace and romantic looks right now have reached a new level of appearing dressed but feeling sexy and nude, all images below are from the Cosmopolitan magazine:

HERE WE ARE! Shopping together:

Perhaps a lovely blouse to star you off on your shopping for this romantic style! (by Anna Sui)

Or some ruffles for you? This Chloe BLOUSE can be it.

Have a very lovely romantic elegant week!