Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art of painting by Elena Evanoff:

Hello and hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!
I am having my "magically there" artful day.
Elena brought the paintings I selected at her showing, now the fun decisions to be made.

What do you think? Which painting do you like and where....!? I appreciate any and all opinions!

In the dining room?
Or do you prefer the Venetian mirror look?

Or should I leave this wall empty? It is a big wall but perhaps better empty?

Keep the painting just above fireplace or the 2 sensual "backs" over the sofa?

Or keep the 2 "backs" in the office, which has 2 empty walls anyways ... ?

And this gem over the fireplace?

Gosh Elena's choice of grays and beiges, all the sublime neutrals makes them a perfect fit for our spaces but of course they are incredible works of art!

I have to frame them... And hang them right... This is just to have an idea and make decision.

Please let me know what you think.

Stay warm ( we have a snowy day)!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Magically there!

One of the blogs I follow, "My French Country Home" got me thinking about "Grand Euro Stairs" and other sublime ideas one could improve a home with...

Which of the following images would you "magically" add to your home?! What is it that you are craving?

NO. 1 - This grand staircase with elaborate grillwork?

NO. 2 - Such gem as this English country sun room?

NO. 3 - My utmost favorite crafted by welders stairs and French yellow walls!?

NO. 4 - Antique doors from Bie Baert in Belgium found at another great blog: Belgian Pearls?

NO. 5 - Grandiose mosaic floor in your bathroom?

NO. 6 - New stone exterior? Smiling...

NO. 7 - Just a small Connecticut Island under your house maybe?

NO. 8 - Very high cathedral ceilings?

NO. 9 - Elaborate coffered ceiling instead?

NO. 10 - Mix of old with the new and some cool stone walls with old beams? Can you believe that this is a photo from a very old farm house in UK!?

NO. 11 - The perfect and private backyard for your inner city home? I think I need this one...

NO. 12 - Nude painting by Elena Evanoff (that was my choice by the way)!

What is your pick ... If there was magic?

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Saturday, October 20, 2012 was a spectacular night and as we all (fashion enthusiasts) know in Calgary, Paul Hardy is a brilliant mind and my personal GOD, whom I pray to for the perfect outfit all the time (including my wedding dress) ...

...OK, what was I saying...YES, Paul Hardy just celebrated his 10th anniversary with the most tantalizing evocative incredibly beautiful fashion show of his Spring / Summer 2013 Collection accompanied by Paul Brandt's performance "live" during the show as well as the Calgary Philharmonic Ensemble!

We LOVE him!

Paul Hardy walks at the END of this amazing fashion show!

Models were all from Mode Models under the production of Kelly Streit - the president and CEO of Mode Models.

These were also fashionable invitations and line list and credits with postcard photographs of Mode Models' Angi Greene, the muse of the show. How beautiful is that!?

Paul Hardy, Angi Greene, Paul Brandt!

Paul Hardy and me ...smiles!

Kelly Streit and me ...smiles!

Paul Brandt and me....smiles!

Fuzzy but warm with Paul Hardy! And shining in his design brocade coat from his 2006 collection ...I think!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perfect Fall Days...

Such a perfect fall day can happen when you have a girlfriend (Dorota in my case!) who brings you the most beautiful bleeding roses and stays for a much needed girl talk:

... and they inspire your sense of style...edging it with red!

Wow, peplums add curves in the right places, don't they? Etro sure does it well this season.

Such a perfect fall day happens when I watch my son and husband play hide and seek surrounded by falling leaves:

Or watching a child making the beautiful bouquet from the fallen leaves....

Also...Watching children rolling in the leaves and laughing....

When you help your little one with some related art work ...making the falling leaves useful!

Or when that son of yours helps you plant fall flowers in bright yellow!

And you get the idea that bright yellow fur would be the perfect look now...smiles.

And when you manage to make the perfect roasted turkey for the Canadian "Thanksgiving dinner" and feed your family whilst being so very grateful for all the happiness and health you have with them!

This is not my turkey roast by the way! I wish...mine looks like that on Monday and with that said, I wish you all in Canada a very relaxing and joyful and thankful holidays and soon to be in the U.S.A.!!