Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wool in Summer: Merino, have you tried?

Me, Radovan, my dad

If summer looks like this...smiles...snow and ice in the mountais at Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, Canada, you surely need Merino Wool layers. 

Have I mentioned that this product never washes out of shape, never lost it's colour, looks like new for over 4 years now (my long sleeve skiing t-shirt)?! 
And NO, Icebreaker doesn't pay me for promoting them...

Otherwise, finding out that Icebreaker now has summer dresses and T-shirts available just made my summer! It is a beautiful material that doesn't itch even the most sensitive skin, it feels soft and amazing on, and it prevents any "sweat odor" so I love to dress my hubby in it...

Obvious as it may be, I first dressed myself and would greatly recommend you these lovely looks:


Hope that you enjoy this superior material as much as I do, my son does, my dad does now too and of course the person who pointed it out to me, my husband who loves the men's line!

Sailing a cat last week in British Columbia was also amazing with merino Wool Clothing.

With or without merino, I hope you are having fun like us!

Have a wonderful start of summer.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to You!

It just so happens that our double blossom plum is blooming this weekend and for the very first time in Calgary, we managed to grow my favourite SNOWDROPS! Can you even believe that? This year was full of them, first my sweetest hubby had them shipped for me from Vancouver in flowerpots, next I managed to smell them and love them in my home Czech Republic, and upon my return from Europe, voila, here in our backyard!  3 times this year, wow....

I am wishing you all the loveliest Mother's Day and may you be feeling as blessed and lucky as me, with the 3 most important men in my life by my side, my husband, my son and my dad. So happy! 

Enjoy your weekend, XO Z

Our very first Calgary Snowdrops!

All great things come in 3, right?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Doors, Doors, Doors!

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I am sorry for being out of touch a bit, it has been a tiring and sad departure from Europe after a month in the Czech Republic, leaving my family behind. Well, my dad came along and that is fantastic!
And the return to Calgary has been all about the spring cleaning and hiring services and managing people to get the garden and house ready to enjoy the warm weather here. 

On another note, here is our new french master bedroom door, walnut, beautiful, put in while I was away...and a new chandellier lantern for our staircase too ... sweet home coming, yes, my husband waiting for me was the best part of it all...but back to our doors ...smiles....

Back in Europe, in my home town and around, I have seen some spectacular doors that I would like to share with you, what do you think?