Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wrought Iron Gate: I really want PRIVACY!

It so happens to be a very Canadian or Calgarian or American??? style to not have a fence in the front of the house. Well, where I originaly come from, that kind of style could cost you lots! Discussing it with an Italian friend, well I think Europeans prefer some more distance from "the rest" of the world by having a front yard fence.  We live in a nice part of town and despite that couple of our neighbours had their patio furniture stolen and even a beautiful flower urn from their front porches. I could mention more examples...

I won't bore you with those unpleasant details... smiles... but prefer to look at something more exciting and beautiful wrought iron fences and gates. BTW I have already ordered ours and replacing our porch railings too, it will be a beautiful new addition to our home, and the fence will give us some distance and privacy and all which I will share later. 

Here is some of our newly landscaped front yard: 

Front yard before:

Some elegant couple of urns replacing the terracotta pots: 

Our soon to be new front doors:

The new side ligtht fixtures:

The design for our front iron gate:

Of course before we designed our fence, railings and gate, I had been franticaly searching for everything that is "old world", "romantic" yet "classic and modern", "Italian", "timeless" and many more adjectives and works with the new doors, lights...and not to mention our house.

Here is a few fantastic ideas I came across if you are in the mood for some HEAVY METAL and closing the gate, and inspiring gardens....? 

And which gate would you be opening? French or Italian setting, I love them both and mix the styles in our home frequently. 

Have a lovely summer day, perhaps opening a pretty gate leading to an even prettier garden!



  1. The garden became so nice with the landscaping. And I love those black gates! xo Caroline

  2. I love mixing styles so both could work for me. I have wrought iron fence as our barrier. We are lucky enough to have a wall of trees in the back that provide ample privacy. Loving the doors you're getting. So exciting!

  3. I prefer the sixth iron wrought gate you posted. It's simple yet elegant, though I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. And it maybe just also because I like the house inside those fences. So which did you choose? You have a nice front yard, by the way.

    Kristina Gill @

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  7. Every thing was made larger and stronger to ensure the fence could withstand the elements within its environment! Two boards where used as a kicker plate to add extra height to the fence and help rigidity. As with other jobs, a capping rail ensured water would not enter the end grain, whilst also adding to the end finish of the fence and again helping strength.
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