Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A/W 2010... just what a woman needs?

The MAXI SKIRT ...it means to keep it long .. below the knee that is at least. This (left) MaxMara look is my favorite, enhancing the female figure and emphasizing waist too it covers another trend...SOMETHING GOLD (for night or day), so 2 in 1 piece! On the other hand, the leather version with a slit in front by Reed Krakoff is great every day piece to me.
Wearing a long skirt is great with the again so trendy kitten heel or a flat boot. And gold or metalics are a neutral...so goes with everything...

CAMEL COAT ...made a come back now and follows the minimalist trend and manly style (below by Aquascutum).

Speaking of...MENSUIT it is the next up...so finding a great fitting suit is the idea if you want to be current, gray colour is most out there, very easy to wear with other hues, but a classic pinstripe will do (left by Balmain, right by Chloe).

FUR ANYTHING.... real or faux (real if you ask me!) is the warm and cozy style we will all be getting. Take your pick from beautiful classics, to fur patch works or trims or even electric hues! (below: Dsquared, Fendi, Chanel, Versace)

And last but not least I recommend that you wrap up in cozy KNITS! Despite all the hype about being minimalist this fall, when wearing knits, layer it up more (:
(below Missoni, Etro)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Undergarments exposed?? S/S 2010 says YES!

There is no doubt that you will be seeing exposed lingerie this spring and summer, almost every designer is doing it! This photo was taken after our February Global TV fashion segment with fashions from the Bay Downtown Calgary, featuring what to wear on Valentine's day/night. But really, it is a sexy style for any day. You can view this clip on my website: ttp://www.zanetastyle.com/media.html
All models are from modemodels Calgary and Kiki on the left is daring the boyfriend look with pinstripe blazer, cardigan and masculine denim combining it with animal print sheer blouse and floral bra that peeks through (-: Oh and please wear the little socks with any shoes ... it is so "now".
Katherine in the middle is just too sexy in the little black dress that is "stretch and pull" contouring the figure like a perfect corset, only more breathable I think. And for all the other days when we need something really easy, last look is merely sweat pants "dressed up" ...she is wearing a blazer but it feels like a t-shirt! Also, notice the lingerie piece worn on top of her t-shirt, here is an idea how to wear this trend if you don't want to expose much nudity (-: And the harem pant...just feeling so edgy. Socks in your heels? I already said YES!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be inspired by my friend Shannon: "a mother of 3!"

I love to see this! She is a busy mom with 3 little kids, house, work ... you know what i mean, but she makes sure that her style ...what she wears is just fabulous (-: any day! Simple white t-shirt is essential for layering anything at the moment and adds simplicity & freshness to rich leather pant and metallic belt, you can think of it as clean canvas! Leather pant? YES... always and anywhere, if you do a belted cardigan like Shan, it will be a noticeably sexy yet polished look.

OK I asked her to take a few pictures of herself when running out the door to capture her style these days (winter ones in Calgary). I am glad I did, what a great velvet skirt and that belt is what makes the look here for me.

And my last pick is this one for the fun she is having with "colour". Perhaps inspired by her silk scarf, but it is a great shoe to exhibit fun socks! Also, I enjoy to see that the proportions of wearing flared coat with skinny pant is right!
Thanks for sharing Shannon! I am sure you inspire women every day (-:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Get dressed for the Canadian Olympics

(to view the video, go to: www.zanetastyle.com/media.html)

Olympics in Canada! (Check out the Feb 2010 issue of Fashion magazine - the fashion spread with supermodel Liisa Winkler wearing nudity and official Olympic clothing!) I loved styling the Bay/HBC downtown Olympic clothing combined with fashion clothing on Global tv. It is the trend "game theory" from style.com that I kept in mind when dressing the mode models.

(style.com by Elie Tahari)

I am not Canadian but I am proud my son and husband are (my son joined us for the tv performance as I thought he was so cute in his black denim skinny pants and Canada jacket & knit hat. He is 4 months and proud already!). And I get it, so cool to create the contrast by combining the elements of athletic style with strongly elegant & structured pieces or rock'n'roll & beaded or sequined looks from the modern fashion choices.
We presented our models in Olympic gear combined with vintage-like beaded silk blouse, structured blazers, skinny jeans, and printed jersey miniskirt! Have fun with it, Olympics are coming and you don't need to look like an athlete yourself...competing in it, but you can be modern and on with the trends (-:

(P.S. I am wearing the cool Olympic sweater (size XXL) from the Bay with metallic leggings by Paul Hardy and lace up Burberry boots. Accessories: son Radovan and Cartier Pasha watch)

Real women with style! (-:

Welcome to the stylish modern women's blog who want to talk "fashion" in real world...here on the left is my real world (-: my wonderful husband See Hon and our precious son Radovan. My decision to start this blog is perhaps clear from the title...being a fashion stylist myself, it would be nice to chat and offer a perspective on style to women who are 30 and older instead of "teenagers only" and yes, it is tiresome for women like myself to just watch children talking about style and the fashion world being so taken by them. These teens seem sometimes quite immature and have not enough substance to critique people who actually achieved something, the designers! We should not be forgetting that the real credit goes to all the designers themselves and their talents, as without them there would be nothing or just those kids blogging away who knows what (-: Of course, I think blogging is great and offers a fresh real people perspective ...just when the media is celebrating the blogging kids (who dress into adult designer clothing - quite funny actually) more than the real true artists themselves by suggesting (on Fashion Television) that they are the "future?"...it seems so wrong. Enough said about the kids, and yet speaking of them and family and keeping up with modern & your own style no matter how busy a mom you are is what I want to do here. My wonderful friend Shannon is a first "real woman" I will introduce to you next. She has an incredible style and 3 beautiful daughters... She is hot (-: comming soon!