Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fast Madeleine cookies on a snowy Saturday morning with my 2 year old.

Ok I first have to apologize to everyone who is a serious French baker and whom ever wants my apology, because I completely mutilated this lovely recipe by David Lebovitz and I found it very inspiring on Paris Breakfast Blog
by the very funny and witty writer Carol Gillott, who even warned me to let them rest in the fridge before baking (((: and I did not listen!

This is why I love blogging btw. It inspires me and all these creative and interesting people from around the world are offering their help and I am grateful...

Yet, again, I did not listen it is, my Saturday morning ...has to be fast and efficient...I am writing this as I enjoy the cup of tea and Madeleine cookies with my 2 men.

Ok, my 2 year old heard me say baking...and he was ON IT! on his little stool literally holding mixer in his hands and then licking the dough...looking forward to the result ...and my husband just wants to eat the cookies the minute they are out the oven...what could be better? So leaving them in the fridge for an hour before baking is not even a possibility.
I will try it next time...when hubby at work and son is napping((:

Now, I did it the fast way and it is the easiest, fastest and delicious cookie there is...

We are enjoying it with a nice cuppa of tea as Vicki from French Essence Blog would say (lovely post about tea!) and we are using some of my eclectic cups that are quite vintage and it tastes that much more lovely.

Here is the recipe and how I battered it or twisted it to make it super fast.

Have a great weekend too!

You will need few things:
Non stick spray ((: and it is my best friend when baking! I am Canadian...
2 year old boy to help you!

1 1/4 cup flour (I don't sift it, too much effort and would be messy with a 2 year old)
2/4 cup granulated sugar
3 eggs
1 lemon zest
1 stick of butter (8 Tbsp)
a couple of medium size bowls and a spatula and an electric mixer and some baking trays with shapes...

Mix with an electric mixer for about 4 minutes until very fluffy the following:
3 eggs
2/4 cups granulated sugar

And let your 2 year old lick the batter that he so wants to do! Now you have some time to finish it off fast(:

OK I used some Xmas inspired cookie baking sheet and one with lovely rosettes (to acknowledge the spring) ...but because we still have snow falling outside (horrible I know), I did not feel too bad that I don't yet have a Madeleine cookie baking pan. Spray them with Non Stick spray and no need to use butter and flour and put it in the fridge...this works marvelous and fast.

When your eggs and sugar are fluffed up, add all the flour (I used a dash of baking powder but I would recommend using none) and with a spatula mix well, and let your 2 year old help with that. Pour in the melted butter and give it a few more spins with the spatula until well blended. That is what it looks like...not as smooth as the recipe by Lebovitz...but good enough for the busy mother.

In the oven they go, it is to be 425F for 8 - 10 minutes but my oven was a little got there shortly and all was ok.

The toothpick test said good to go(:

And despite the drizzling snow outside, we are enjoying them well....gosh it was so fast!

Don't you just love the rosettes? Also, I think that using the plastic baking trays is nicer, they do not seem to brown as much if you prefer that...

Such a beauty this Japanese vintage cup!

Cheers with Rooibos tea or Nazdravi (in Czech)...
HUGS Zaneta

Back in the special place they go... had it made with glass when we moved in as all our cabinets were full wood and this is much better to see my cups(:


  1. Interesting!
    You did get the famous puff-hump anyway!
    Still Chef Marthe convinced me that good things come to those who wait - something I'm rotten at BTW.
    Here's a neat trick I mentioned yesterday-
    If per chance you have extra dough leftover (which it does not look like you did) you pour that into the molds.
    Cover gently with plastic baggies (much as I hate them) and FREEZE for however long you can stand to wait.
    Then defrost and pop in the heated oven =
    Even better little cakes than the 1st go-round.
    Kind of amazing trick to get a 2nd batch that way. Cheers Carolg

  2. Yes, I totaly want to wait next time...when my 2 yr old is asleep(: Thank you for the tips and I am certain that chef Marthe knows what he is doing and I will try that for sure! There must me some chemical reaction reason for why they are better after freezing or just in the fridge for some time....Thanks Carol!! Hope you have nicer spring than we do out west!

  3. We are definitely on the same wavelength today with our rosettes. I'm better at shopping(my rosettes are on clothes) than cooking though - like you, I can never be patient enough to do it just as the recipe says. They look delicious - can't wait to try!! Have a great weekend ~

    1. Yes, actually wanted to make a link to your But those dresses were so much prettier ((:

  4. Oh lovely, and I'm enjoying reading about the pragmatic reality of baking with a two year old!

  5. just found your blog--love your header and madeline post today. have a great weekend, Barbara

  6. First of all thanks for your sweet comment on my blog a while back it really meant a lot. I'm glad I found your blog and will definately follow. Hope you stop by again and follow mine as well! I love your header it's a great way to get people excited about your blog!