Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring "must-have" shoe for a Stylish Mother(:

The spring has arrived everywhere in the world but Calgary, so here is a photo from my parents garden in the country of Moravia, the Czech Republic. Lovely, I can dream about it...or take a really long plane ride there...

Here is what I would love to do there...take a bicycle and ride dressed so appropriately in full colorful skirt ...ride through the country & forests taking in the air and loveliness ... stop at a bakery or shop on my way home where I would enjoy a nice dinner with my family on the terrace...I may switch the "high heels" for a nice pair of ballerina flats that are so very essential this season especially if you are a mother like me and go to playgrounds and fields all the time ((:

I just got these pastel pink ones from Gap, they are leather and really very comfortable, more so than many I have had before, to my amazement! I also love the idea of changing ornaments that Sharon from Fashion-isha Blog DOES VERY WELL INDEED!!

Don't you just love how lovely she looks!? You can buy these right HERE on the official MUPS shoes website! They are actually one of a kind as I learnt today! They are not clip ons, they are attached by a unique way, with a strong tape built into the shoes, which is amazing and nobody else offers this! The large selection of ornaments is exquisite.

And did you know that included with each shoe purchased are two different ornaments!? One pair of shoes can be transformed instantly and do I have to say that when we travel, we can pack lighter on shoes then? YES with MUPS! Few pairs of shoes for the price of one, and each ornament will complement your different outfit and look and will transform your shoe to be a different one each time. Also, no one will ever be able to tell that the ornaments are interchangeable. How perfect is that!

Here is my parents house in the Czech Republic, Moravia and in the distance on their property is the tall Linden tree that is our national tree and also that smells the most amazing when blossoming and makes the most amazing tea there is!

And needles to mention that for a terrain like this in the country, we love flats and ballerina style is just so feminine! MUPS will be great here(:

Here is what the blossoms look dry them on a sheet of paper and steep them in hot water and let's drink(:

And this is my Brother's house, all wood, very traditional Moravian ... and the end of my imaginary trip back home to Eastern Europe(:
Hope you have a lovely Spring and don't forget to buy your perfect ballerina slipper!!
Ciao Zaneta


  1. Wow! I just happend to stop by here to say hi and I see the picture of me! Thanks so much for featuring me and those adorable shoes! I'd love it if you added a link to my blog as well :)
    Thanks for being such an awesome blog friend!

  2. You are too dear! no need to thank me Sharon! I loved your post and adore when a blogger puts more personal approach to it and you do, I feel like I know you and you are not a stranger to me and that is a warm heart feeling((: and your pictures are awsome!! you model!!

  3. What a lovely home and the ballerina flats are so sweet!

  4. Amazing!I love it!