Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fashion and Fixtures: all things beautiful.

We have new ceiling lights! I chose flush mount style because our bedroom entry hall has a lowered ceiling and our vaulted ceiling over our bed doesn't require any light we just have a lamp there.

I wanted to keep it sophisticated but simple in our office/ reading room and hence I got same fixtures in both places. Just different colour of the metal used.

My husband has lots of skills! I love that in a man of course, but he just hang our new lights, Schonbek flush mount ceiling lights: one in our master bedroom, and the other in our office/ reading room. Exciting to see them up.

I love that it is crystal but not small individual pieces that we have plenty of in the house already to clean! It is therefore easy to maintain and glamorous! Do I have to mention that no bugs and flies get stuck inside like in so many flush mount lights(:

The one in the bedroom is soft white colour with gold specs in it to compliment my bedside table lamp.

The one in the office is in a special dark bronzy colour custom ordered and it is stunning.

This new "lady on a horse" pillow in chocolate was added just for colour accent...but that is it for pillows. As you may see, I prefer fewer pillows on our bed, and style is French married to Italian I suppose! (shopping at Mateo for bedding and fabrics and just love their products) If you want to check it out - go HERE... but we prefer it so that we can quickly slip into the bed without any disassembling happening...with lots of pillows to be removed and blankets to be lifted(:

I need to add a few more antique (like this one in gold) canderabra lighting fixtures around the bath tub for extra impact and romantic feel that I think works with the dark Italian tiles we have going on here!
I am such a fan of gray walls and the darker shade in our master bath works so well with the tile too...the lighter shade in the bedroom is calming and so French(: but mainly works wonders against the wood cabinets and bed...

Who would not want this gorgeous vanity that Tina from THE ENCHANTED BLOG has in her main powder room, I would want it for my master bedroom ((:
One day when I find the right measurement and style, I will replace our vanities...

We each have a different shape and style mirror and sconces above our sinks, my husband has belle epoque style rectangular mirror and I have the rococo round one.

It is very fitting using the iron rod and fixtures with the dark tile and walls, love mixing the elegant chateau style with the country feel of iron and dark metals...and silk sheer fun! These fixtures as well as our nook iron chandelier are by Visual Concepts, really they have quality stuff.

Here is our main entry, left is dining room, right is office/ reading room ...which is not entirely finished but we did just put up that Schonbek fixture and we love it.

Fashion!! Make up!! Feeling sexy into the Spring (:

Also, I would enjoy to be this flexible...working on the ability to do my split again, that skill I have lost in the past 2 years... don't you just love the models being so inspiring to everyone else to look and feel good and fit! Hop on it!

This image I found at ZsaZsa Bellagio Blog
and Wish to look like that...(:

The best LIPS are right on this picture ((: in the Dolce Advertisement and I would suggest keeping them soft fresh "red-pink" colour for the spring and adding a sexy eyeliner DAILY is the look I am thinking ..It is essential to have DARK EYELINER this season for a day look ladies(: I tried a few products ... here is the results:

I did this to my own eye! Pretty good I think, considering I used a pencil and was done in just under 30 seconds per eye, the liner was smooth, exact and easy to use, I did not even have to use a brush and gel liner that so many make up artists recommend.
OK being a make up artist myself, as well as a fashion stylist, professionally I can do this on a model much easier, but your own eye requires even more skill I think.
YET anybody can do this using the right tool!! My favourite winners are:

On my vanity counter top are the favourite black eyeliners by Urban Decay and Nars.
Believe me when I say they are easy to use and they don't smudge at all, even when napping with my son and tearing a bit in my sleep...nothing destroyed the perfect line((: Great, right?
Nars pencil is fab, you don't even have to sharpen it, just twist the opposite side to get out more pencil and you are done...they both just "glide on".

LACE! give me any of these Valentino dresses and will feel the spring despite the snowy weather here(: So dreamy and timeless. This One would wear to Paris ...wouldn't you Carol from Paris Breakfast Blog!?

Always in style: the camouflage look; the fitted and tight look here is very feminine and if you don't wear them into the nature (which they are not meant to be despite the image), adding the hint of orange, yellow, vibrant green or certainly turquoise accessories (on the left) or even clothing and / or gold (on the right) works just marvelous.

This lace blue-green top by Vanessa Bruno would be perfect mix it up top for any camouflage piece! Available on the Green Blue top

LBD (little black dress), on these beautiful celebrities ...just came across this page in my Ipad downloaded Vogue and I tell you, my favourite is the Italian sexy Bianca with hot red nail polish, but they all could be in my closet for any occasion and they all look lovely. My professional stylist's suggestion would be adding a bit more jewelry to the other ones...pearl bracelet or heavy chandelier earrings...just for more fun and personality.

Loving this "colour of the season" tangerine hot top by Nina Ricci! Also on the - click here Ruffle top

And another good find is this Matthew Williamson top, whimsical flower embellishments and nude hue...perfect for now! Here is the link: Whimsical Nude top

Yes, I am into first recommending tops and blouses as you can never have enough of those, right? And how better to update your Spring wardrobe than with a top or few? Add a pair of jeans or black pant and you are springy before you know it (:


  1. What a fun post!! I was like "wow her vanity and floor look so much like mine" then see you spoke about me, thank you!! Glad you like it and I love your new light, your room, that gorgeous horse pillow....everything is just stunning!

    1. Now that is funny, I can only dream about your vanity and floors and everything else TINA!! ((: thank you for visiting my blog, I love yours and am actually adicted to reading your blog...

  2. Love the new light fixture - perfect in your bedroom and the mirrors in the doors are fabulous!!