Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Monday coming! Renovated dining room & setting the table for our Sunday lunch with friends and grandparents(:

I am used to celebrating Easter in a whole different way and it could be quite funny to those who are not from the Czech republic(: first we focus on the Easter Monday and not Friday... Second thing is ... Well how to describe it? We have boys and men going to see all the women and girls to gently whip them on legs with "pomlázka" - a braided whip made from pussywillow twigs or a weeping willow tree, it is a symbolic act to make them younger and healthy ... They can make their own pomlazka or buy one... Some men don't even bother and use a single twig or in Moravia they use a pine tree twig(: and boys sometimes spray water on girls or even shower them(: or worse!

For that effort on men's part ((: all women give them eggs that are painted or chocolate or both and offer them snacks and drinks ... The older ones get schnapps ... Well it is a fun tradition and I won't be practicing it here in Canada but who knows maybe ...

I am working on my Easter dining Table decorating now and slowly getting there... I will show you the finished look on Sunday together with my baked Easter lamb!
We always bake an Easter lamb to give to our kids and grand kids together with an Easter basket full of chocolates and fun stuff.

Happy Easter to you all where ever you live!

Our lovely Easter egg tree.

This is our dining room before we renovated it when we moved into our new home.

Another view from the dining room across hallway to the office.

We also changed the floor tiles.

Our new and renovated dining room entry, just starting to decorate the table.

Planning on green, blue (my favs) and a hint of pink ...for the table colours...and the view across the hall is very different now! We added custom French doors and changed tiles, painted walls in Provence blue in the dining room and gray in the office / reading room and sunset French yellow walls in our hallways and family / kitchen rooms.

Our little boy painted his first Easter egg at 2,5 yrs old... Very artistic(:

Shopping for spring(:

My little helper!

Here is the Czech Easter inspiration, all pictures are from the web and source unknown:

Girls being whipped!

Pomlázka for sale on the street(:

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