Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Easter table setting progress:

Well I made a progress today(: here is an update on my table for the Easter lunch! Simple and fresh....just wish it did not snow today.
Goodnight and have a lovely Sunday! Z

I folded napkins with a rooster and a hen and chicks ... Our son loves them. My mother in law gave me this silk perfect blue table runner and I found just the perfect match in colour for napkins! The deeper blue chargers are not bad ... I also have gold ones but not for this Colour scheme((:

Loving the cabbage bowls! Thanks Lis for inspiration and I remembered there was a store in Calgary I saw them in and my blue green pink combo of colours wouldn't be as good without the fresh bowls made in Portugal! click here to view Lis and her Easter ideas:

In the middle, two young boys will sit and eat with just the spoon(: but they each have their very special green glass to drink from!

With some blue Italian glasses for adults...


  1. I love your table setting! The dramatic black with the pink roses is fabulous!

  2. The table looked fabulous... you must have had a lovely Easter... xv