Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stylish mama and son!

Have I said that I dislike jeans on me enough times yet? Well I dislike denim pants because it also seems so "everyone is wearing them" type of trouser and especially stay at home moms! I can't stand the idea...dressing like the rest of the crowd(:

Well, cargos on the other hand I will wear...sometimes. I bought my cool cargo skinny trouser at the bay ... Ralph Lauren... And my son found his at the superstore by Joe Fresh...he liked the big pockets on mine and when he saw his size ... It was a match made! I was truly excited as me and him can never find the very same hue and style in a clothing! He dresses often like daddy because Burberry makes kids clothing and some relate to adults ... For two boys it is possible to dress the same but mama and my darling son ... We never did until today! ((: here they are!
Ok, not very glamour photos but in my defense ... it is bath time and I am sitting on my sons bathroom floor!

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