Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our house renovations are almost done and I would love to share it!

OK ... Our bedroom was not this before (: it used to have muddy brown walls and simple carpet. I decided to have a walnut hardwood floor done with a wide border around from cherry wood to connect the rest of the house floors that are cherry. Beaver Hardwood company from Calgary did an amazing job! I chose the narrower 2 inch width for walnut planks as they appear more elegant chateau like but the rest our house being cherry floors with 3 inch wide planks, I had them put that size cherry border around. It looks beautiful and unique even if it is not a haring bone pattern (my favourite) it it would be too much going here in this room and size.

I enjoy having different bedside tables and various frames because t feels right to have feminine and masculine look but also what goes well together without being "matching" is my general view and tip on how to dress and style your furniture in your home.

I have found a lovely tapestry from late 1800s in an antique shop and my 1940's lamp is now more beautiful with the custom linen (from the Czech Republic) lamp shade standing on Italian marble top bedside table as they were made for each other... That is a nice bedroom "motto" right?

Our wedding frames are on my husband's side and one is a bit sexy which he likes and I always enjoyed my grandparents having their wedding photo above their bed and this is tying old tradition in a modernized way for us.

Let me know what you think... I like to learn from opinions!

Ciao Zaneta

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