Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can you imagine a sweeter husband? I can not! He is mine(:

I love snowdrops ... My utmost favorite flower and I can cry happy tears any moment since an hour ago when I got them tonight ... I do cry inside ... Because my husband surprised me by ordering 2 boxes of them from BC and I will probably not sleep all night because I will keep admiring them and smelling them!
These amazing flowers don't grow here... Their origin is Eastern Europe and they have been exported all over the world and grown many places now but their true home is where I come from and they only grow in early spring when snow starts to melt... They are so beautiful, strong and I haven't seen them since 11 years ago when I immigrated to Canada. We never travel to Europe in spring and so it is impossible to see them unless you are there when they bloom.
I can not describe how happy I am!
I would have never missed them since I was 1 year old and it just had been too long without such beauty and magic that I have once known before ... I love my husband who changed it and brought them back in my life! Even our little boy is jumping in amazement... Happy upcoming Valentine's day to all of you!

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