Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Atlanta French House from WSJ House of The day ... Just georgeous!

This French country home (quite a fafourite of mine) is done in a modern and more sophisticated way with cleaner and less cluttered approach ... We see a hint of Colour (not just beige) but not too much Colour either (red blue yellow all at once kinda thing). It is a very well done styling where the American way of presenting an elegant and polished look is complimenting the effortless French THING! As much as I love eclectic style... This house is really making me re-think my own intentions for our home and after seeing this one a while ago first time... I decided that I have to tame it down too ... Keep a bit...eclectic yes but more simple cleaner look with the polished American feel (in fashion I compare it to Ralph Lauren) has to be implemented ...
Let me know which room is your favorite and why! Thanks... Ciao Z

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