Saturday, February 18, 2012

Once upon a time... We had no nook bench...

We moved in and the paint was pale green and our nook was large and empty with great big window, another small window and a new French table we just got delivered(:

We painted beautiful yellow walls in the kitchen and living room and hallways ...

Then we had a bench made and it was too big and our beautiful table was too tight in there, so they took it down and made a new one!

Now we have a lovely nook ... Just the top piece needs to be added (finished) and bottom kick piece too. How lovely.., but I need to change the chandelier for another style and oval shape to compliment the table being a rectangle. We ordered this beautiful weathered iron chandelier with shades that you can see below in one of the pictures... And we have to redo our cushions to sit on! Then just add a French cafe style curtain And cozy nook is complete! Well I am still looking for the perfect low back chairs for the one side of the table... Any ideas? Tips for me? Please let me know!! Thanks Z

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