Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vogue living houses gardens people BOOK is my most recent indulgence!

My real addiction is Janet de Botton's dazzling manse (pictures below) in the South of France! This book (featuring others like Janet) is a treasure for people like myself... Who are visually driven ... And this lady is not afraid to mix it up.

The beautiful travertine tiles that can be seen through out the manse are of so many different colours and even though I used to fancy the very lightest type and almost no colour... Like the gorgeous tiles that Tina from Enchanted House put in her dream home...surprise to me that Janet had transformed me and my decision to rather use darker with lighter mix in our house! They are so very rich & intense looking without taking over the room... And for a more country house feel it is more appropriate too, whilst the fabulous chateau that Tina built fits great with more pale stone....I believe.

I keep analyzing her (Janet's) eclectic style... Something we don't see much of in America or Canada ... Where the style is more coordinated and polished. I have always been eclectic at heart ... Perhaps my Czech heritage or love for visiting chateaus back home... The same thing really... It just makes me raise eyebrows (only botox could stop me) when i see curtains matching (using the same fabric as) the pillows or bedding or everything... It is just more personal when things flow and connect well but remain different enough ...

That is what I love about all the famous iconic people featured in this Vogue book.... There are some amazing and very different ... strong or recognizable styles... They all make it work and have been very inspiring for me....

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