Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little day light for our bedroom please?

Well I took the first photos last night, but it is so lovely with the almost daily sun shining into our windows all day long!!!
And the green space across the street ... Just a nice view without having to see buildings ... love that especially when we are just 10 minutes drive from downtown and having a bit of an acreage feeling is

The decision to put silk sheer curtains over top the custom silk roman shades was because we want the view but not be totally seen from the outside ... and the strong summer or winter will be a bit blocked without covering the view well.

I am showing a bit more of the bedroom and details of the curtain rod idea I had.. Putting brass colour rings with black brass rod is modern and perhaps witty but remains elegant, because it also is a very high end product by a Canadian company Deco... Real solid brass and they make the most innovative art nouveau style rods as well as French country ones! My favourite exactly....

Still waiting for our bedroom ceiling light in the entry to the bedroom... Why does it have to take 6 weeks or more for deliveries?

And who loves gray walls as much as I do? I find it very calming in our bedroom and master suite...

Also, if you want to see the whole photo size, please click on it!(:

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