Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Continues: The Future Style

Perhaps with all the flooding in Calgary and muddy views everywhere, what we need is new fantasy living and strong faith in better future: white dreams help me! Also Tina has plenty great white ideas: Enchanted Home.


YSL to wear in the future.. Is a YES.

Accessorize! Future is bright and SEXY.

Have a great white summer, XO Z


  1. I love white! I hope your home didn't get ruined from all the flooding!

  2. Z. I hope this rain stops and that you and your family can enjoy some nice weather. I adore whites but living here in the PNW (muddy all the time!) it's tough. We've had a little flooding here too and it's pouring outside as I write to you. Looking forward to sunshine .. and I hear that's in the forecast!


  3. I love white but with a big loveable dog it isn't always the best choice. We keep getting endless rain here in New england and getting another inch today. We've been getting rain for two weeks now and another week and a half coming...ugh! Thank God we live on a mountain!


  4. Same here with the rainy weather! Losing my mind and so are the kiddos! White is always so fresh! Love these pics! Tomorrow, scoring to the forecast, we will have more rainy weather!:-(