Monday, June 17, 2013

Breakfast room: Hydrangeas and more.

 Our last year's planted hydrangea has yet to blossom ...but in our local farmer's market flower shop you can buy anything and arrange your own choice of flowers and so I did hydrangea with carnation and rose and more...darring me?

It has been lovely for our breakfast room:

Also loving the breakfast rooms that Tina has posted at the Enchanted Home.

In the end, I also managed to re-do our family living room from having the oversized giant couch there to elegant blend of seating options (one of them being a fabulous bergere chair by the fireplace) in gray colour scheme: 

Still in search for the perfect painting for above the couch wall...must be oversized and feature the Rockies in gray, blue-green and some pink hues ...simple really (smiles). 
No, I have not found anything yet at all!

Before my Dad left, I have been very sad and still am missing him dearly, we all had a lovely hike in Kananaskis country and a goodbye "father's day" lunch which was very special.
Plus I got to use my new "chateau Jemniste" table setting with new Czech porcelain on 

I also love how the Chateau Jemniste where we had our wedding presented hydrangeas for someone's wedding ... marvelous! 

Saying Goodbye WAS HARDer than one can imagine.....

If you want the merino wool top (which I can't recommend enough!) click here.
Skirt is by my most favourite designer: Paul Hardy!!

We miss our grandpa! 



  1. Zane your home is lovely and I'm so drooling over the doors on either side of your mantel...stunning. Glad to see you had a nice Father's Day with your family and were abble to spend it with your Dad.


    1. Thank you Debra, it was bitter sweet...having my dad here was so amazing...he has the best kind heart ever! (:

  2. I see the resemblance between you and your Dad! How fun to have been able to spend Father's Day with him! Love your new chair and that breakfast nook in your kitchen is soooo cozy! Lovely home you have there:-)

  3. So sweet .. love this post. Your family looks so happy:) and glad your dad was there to visit. Your hydrangeas are so pretty and look gorgeous on the table!