Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stone Facade: it is worth the effort.

Hello Ladies, or shall I say home improvement lovers?
As it so happened and we had to exchange our bedroom balcony doors, it seemed only reasonable to fix up the existing stucco with something nicer that goes with a french style door.
We continued the theme on our front house pillars, STONE. 
No complaints here, it looks lovely and so I deciced to also put them around the area of our front doors, and again, best idea ever.

How about you? Do you love stone or stucco or other on your house? 

We were in Vancouver recently and saw some lovely old stone buildings ...but Europe is my constant inspiration nonetheless.

Here are some ideas and examples ... what is your fancy?

It always looks brilliant, don't you think? So everlasting and regal....and simply stays good with hardly any effort. 

Have a lovely day. 


  1. Love these kind of houses! Lovely style. xo Caroline

  2. I'm crazy about a stone facade! It's totally the classiest way to go!

  3. Stone facades are so classic and durable. I adore them and great examples you featured here. Loving the one you did too!

  4. I love the stone work as well. It gives a house a certain charm. I prefer to use Europe as an inspiration as well. All of the pictures you posted are breathtaking. I love it.

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