Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Whites: what do I mean?

Lately, even with the plentyful rain, WHITE is on my mind. It goes well with everything and especially summer. It is the first time I have heard about white dinners: at YOU MAY BE WONDERING
Well, that means that I am looking into all white outfits as we speak. Always good to have a white dress, just like one may need a black one, in summer it is the white one we go to for help. 

Katie wore it so well at a Chloe dinner party:

Not a bad idea to Get a WHITE DRESS by Oscar De la Renta for yourself?

Valentino knows best: 

Chanel creates white drama that is sexy:

Jardin des Fleurs in White: wanna be there for an afternoon tea.

chateau style is always in style, white seats with a hint of blue.

White Sails and Blue Water & Sky: addictive activity of mine.

White Mountain Peaks and Clouds during our hikes:

French Doors, bathroom, walls in an old London home, I have been seeing white everywhere I look!

Great with the earth tones or the gray-black contrasts....

To freshen up my tired eyes sometimes a bit of white eyeshadow makes wonders:

Hope you are enjoying some white in your day dreaming...

This is
"an addition on June 21st, 2013"
CALGARY IS FLOODED AND miraculously we are near the river yet dry. I am thankful. 
Surrounding areas just few KMS away from our house are under water and I pray it doesn't get worse and that all the people can go back home as they must feel dispair. 
The spirit in this town is amazing and people never disapointing. 

Downtown is shut down:

River near our house is still not out wild:

Wishing everyone is safe!


  1. Wow...thank you for including my patio in this GORG3EOUS post! So love love a white dress and wear tons of white in the summer. Nothing quite like it all year long in my book!

    1. Hi Tina, thanks for your kind compliment! And i am glad you enjoyed the post...and white dress obsession is yours too(: Wishing you a fabulous white fulfiled summer! xo Z

  2. Beatiful white dresses! Fun summer spaces:) White works anywhere - anytime!

  3. AMAZING dresses:) you have such great taste and style and I LOVE your blog:)

    Have an amazing day beautiful

    LOVE Maria