Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy CANADA DAY long weekend!!!

After gardening all day long, which my hubby calls the "impulsive landscaping" and being eaten by a million mosquitos, of course I had to go prepare "stuff" for our little garden party today celebrating Canada Day.

WE HAVE 2 little boys (our son and a friend's son) at the party and they will have some fun activities besides enjoying the food, like tracing the maple leaf with a maple leaf pen...ok maybe not the most invenntive mama idea but hey I am trying.
In fact, the weather will be lovely, sunny and a scorching hot day so they will likely play with the water guns all afternoon, right? 

Here is some more ideas if you need them:  @ PARTY IDEAS PAGE

I wish you all a very very happy day despite the floods and other troubles we all have had to face, enjoy it and if you fell like it...try my recipe for the BBQ chicken marinade:

In a bowl: 
- juice of 2 lemons
- cup or 2 or more extra virgin olive oil
- salt pepper to taste

In a food processor chop very finely:
- garlic cloves about 15 large ones
- hand full of fresh rosemary
- hand full of fresh sage
- hand full of fresh oregano
- half a hand full of mint leaves
- half cup extra virgin oil

Add it to the bowl and mix with a spatula....
Then spread over the boneless (but keep the skin) chicken thighs over night.
BBQ next day! 

Have Fun! 

Have the most wonderful long weekend...and CANADA day too! 



  1. Mmmm! Your marinade sounds so good! Looks like a wonderful party:) and what a great idea to trace the leaves. Stay cool!

  2. it seems like a fun celebration! your chicken marinade looks delicious <3<3

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