Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wall Street Journal Houses Review:

Browsing again through what we can label the "world house market of the moment", I found some worth looking at!
Well, something is happening in the world! The old is replaced with new, modern scary stuff (: Should we investigate that? Ok, it seems to be very current that old historical places are completely modernized inside when it comes to furniture and I don't mind it actually ...see it for yourself.

NO. 1 - This Provencal Chateau is quite the Castle, right?

It dates back to 12th century and is on the market for $8,5 million. Well, it is more modern than 12th century would appear to be right? But this is nothing yet!

NO. 2 - Another catch would be in U.K. and with its Georgian facade it is quite the surprise to see the modernized inside:

Quite loving the kitchen, modern classic for sure, reminds me of my kitchen with its transitional cabinetry, blended with French country touches and that farmers sink.

And having that English garden would not be bad either, this house is only 50 miles away from London downtown and is on the market for $4,31 million.

NO. 3 - Victorian Mansion in U. K. with 8 bedrooms and rolling countryside hills: It is bordering the counties of Kent and Sussex. And for sale for $3,5 million.

This kitchen is a dream and a bit of a reminder of the kitchen Mise has (: in Ireland, you can visit her blog PRETTY FAR WEST and see for yourself! Her stove is bright yellow and just so feminine too!

NO. 4 - America, the house is Modern Traditional in Sag Harbor, N. Y. :

Absolutely stunning dining table and despite my preference for more traditional French chairs, I love these retro blue-green comfy looking things! Don't you?
Totally would change the lighting though (: My modernity has a limit too...

The house is listed for $3,695 million.

NO. 5 - East Harlem Brownstone, in N. Y.

With features like the fieldstone dating to when it was built in 1912, it is a very old and modern space which is quite unique, and must have been fun to furnish and renovate.

The property is now listed for $865,000 and boasts with over $200,000 investment in renovations. Seems too good to be true ...

I hope you enjoyed the tour around Europe and U.S. and shopping for properties with me. I love to spend my time like that, it relaxes me and gives me more real perspective ... of course next to reading your and other blogs ladies!
Hugs Z


  1. Oh look! Having read half way down I found me. How awfully kind of you to position me next to that gleaming array of copper pans, and indeed to include me in the first place in such illustrious company. I am ever so touched.

  2. Ohh so gorgeous photos!! I love it<3

  3. I'll take that chateau, I wonder if they would take a cheak...;) We live in a 223 year old house and aside from updating it for 21st century living we haven't modernized it. We've kept it almost true, basically not an open floor plan but that's an old house for you, each room is a room. I love seeing you and your little boy, so cute!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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