Friday, June 1, 2012

Making IT a garden?

Hello into the lovely weekend even here in Calgary(:
I am really enjoying that we finally have spring (yes it is summer in most places in the world...I know) and my Lilac Tree starting to show flowers.

I did most of the landscaping myself, well that is an exaggeration ... it can be said, that I worked hard...and now we love the little oasis we have growing, it will take a bit of time till the plants grow up (: and till then, it is what it is! Hope you like my little project...

First, don't you love THIS FRENCH IDEA! WHAT a lovely country home....not mine (: BUT my total inspiration!

AND THIS below IS OUR BACK YARD BEFORE I got involved((: AND AFTER but I am still working on it, it never ends does it?

Here FIRST is the view of our garage - I must fix the windows with some shutters, that will look nice, right?

And what you see below is ALWAYS ONE image BEFORE and one AFTER as I progressed with my landscaping (:

THE FRONT OF OUR HOUSE TOO...continues below:

Here it was even easier, cleaning it up and continuing with the symmetry of our house...the bushes on the outside corners will become "black currants" and those are so delish!

Now on the hunt for some square wooden Versailles style planters to have on the steps (: good luck to me...

Front to back (: or back to front, the main help was the country style distribution of rock that I love so much, as it cleans up the look and no dirty corners anywhere (: and doesn't appear too polished as a country home should not...

Hope you RELAXED with my little gardening tour, it is simple and easy...if you like that kind of thing?

have a lovely weekend, XO Z


  1. Love what you are doing here! The rock is a nice upgrade from the bark (?) and the Versailles planters and shutters will be the perfect addition. Things are really coming along and I totally understand the "never ending" work load. It's crazy! Enjoy your weekend :)


  2. Wow it's beautiful. You are good!! I wish you lived closer, I'd hire you to do mine !!