Monday, June 18, 2012

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY or holiday way?

The Tuesday Fashion time is here again and we are off to a warm destination ... vacation style. Last year we went to Greece. This year? It is a secret.

But what is not a thing of mystery is the way I have been inspired when it comes to holiday "rags" as we say in Czech, or see it for yourself...

This time we won't dress for any work style!

Images above are By Marios Schwab; I am trying to look French wearing a cool the ideas from a cool read at the Paris Breakfast Blog by Carol together with a good laugh!

Fashions are by Norma Kamali; great hair....French indeed! Want the head piece, how practical as it will look mesmerizing at the pool bar or swimming in the water...

Shop HERE for red and white swim wear.
Or just HERE for a red one, both looks below:

Wardrobe ready! Location above suits it! Just Perfect!

Have a lovely week and even lovelier vacation if you are heading somewhere...either way have a stylish week.


  1. All the throwback to elegant ladylike feminine dressing....and the locations PERFECTO!

  2. YUM YUM!
    Why have I never thought to twist my scarves into a wrapped bathing suit???
    Oh I know...because I dont look a bit like the gorge dame at the top

  3. Whoops!
    THANKS for the shoutout!! :)

  4. Oh how I love this post. It has gotten me all excited about vacation time even though I'll be spending the summer at home. But that's okay it's been a wild year and I'm happy to just relax. I'm so excited to hear about where you'll be going!

  5. Beautiful photos! Lady-like swim wear and love the white trench!

  6. Hope you have a fabulous trip! I bet it's somewhere incredible :)