Saturday, June 30, 2012

Donuts or Cupcakes for you?

Let me ask you, what do you prefer? They are not exactly healthy but once in a while, they are just too good to not ever eat them (:
Do you prefer one to the other?
I do and here is why:

1. Donuts can be eaten warm, cupcakes can't!
2. If you have a free finger, you can carry a donut .... cupcake would be harder...
3. You can eat donuts for breakfast (being Canadian, I love Tim Horton's in the morning lol) but you realy should not eat cupcakes.

Here are some photos to share with you from our day going to the zoo, and visitng a gourmet donut place "Jelly Modern Donuts" in Calgary after we had a healthy lunch in our local health food market.

After the long walk (for some a motor bike ride) through the outdoor Canadian section, we all deserved those donuts...

At the Jelly Modern Donut shop in Calgary, not only you can book up for a party but you also may come (sign up first) on Tuesdays and the kids get entertained with stories and play and their moms can have coffee and donut! Heaven on earth, right?
Antonija Malnar, can we do that please!

Oh I loved the coconut flavored one above.

So what will it be for you?

Or those lovely DONUTS?
These are actually increadibly smart as they use a cupcake butter frosting and here is the recipe FOR THE HEAVENLY SINFUL COMBINATION below:

And apparently this is THE EASIEST DONUT RECIPE if you want life simpler!

Or we just take it BOTH IN ONE? Lucky for us...we don't have to even choose! LIFE IS GREAT!

Have a delicious weekend everyone!
Hugs Z

P.S. We can also document, it is very easy for kids to entertain!


  1. I'm patient I can wait for the cupcakes after they've cooled, I'm definitely a cupcake person. Dounuts taste a little to sweet to me sometimes but you make a strong case for them.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. What a lovely pair you make, you so beautiful and chic and the lucky donut-eating young man so jaunty and happy.

  3. Yum, that's just one of my forbidden foods. Oh well...the photos are delicious!