Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello ladies!
... And you may remember my effort to make Tuesday the fashion Day where we give ourselves something exciting to wear and enjoy the beginning of a new week that much more therefore...

I would like to start this week's inspiration with a stylish celebrity and the interview she gave to ELLE magazine and perhaps we can feel the most amazing wearing nothing sometimes!

This is also for Mesmerize, the very beautiful woman from Poland who is soon to be a mother!

... Back to clothes now ...
but not too much of it anyways ...

SEDUCTIVE SENSUAL LACE, BLUSH HUES, RUFFLES, SILKY FABRICS ... No we are not talking lingerie today!

Lace and romantic looks right now have reached a new level of appearing dressed but feeling sexy and nude, all images below are from the Cosmopolitan magazine:

HERE WE ARE! Shopping together:

Perhaps a lovely blouse to star you off on your shopping for this romantic style! (by Anna Sui)

Or some ruffles for you? This Chloe BLOUSE can be it.

Have a very lovely romantic elegant week!


  1. Wow! Jessica bares all!

    Love the photos that follow! So feminine with the lace and soft color tones.

    Very pretty and makes me want a lace top!

  2. ohh thank you so much:*! I love that photo! Unfortunately I don't have any photoshoot like this:)

  3. This is such a fabulous post!! I love all the romantic and sexy lace. Thank you so much, you gave me the ultimate compliment when you called my blog post a magazine style review. I love that!!