Tuesday, July 23, 2013

City Property: postage-stamp yard or not?

Are you also gardening? Collecting soil and mud up to your "knickers" like me and these wise words came from a lovely woman Debra from Acquired Objects Blog, and made me laugh until I started planting and realized I was so muddy and it was not funny!

According to the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, city lot and its' front yard should be well landscaped to look modern and up to date. Well, I only found out this opinion after I had significantly reduced the amount of sod and nothingness from our front yard and replaced it extensively with plants and new landscape. 

I felt a bit overwhelmed with my own work that I had to sink my own confusion with what I like and what looks good! And to my liking ... I found out I am on the right track. Flat green lawn with a bit of foundation planting is not the way to go these days, it is not enough, it is boring...smiles.

Naturaly I have a feel for what looks good but putting it into words, I appreciate the BETTER HOMES magazine putting it into words as a very important tip: "make sure you repeat an element to bring continuity and keep your garden from looking helter-skelter..."

I am really glad with what I did and will show you some of my inspirations and a peek at our own yard but I will show you the complete project when we are done with new railings and fence installation this week, very exciting. 

Here is a peek!

Evergreens to keep some green in winter and to create continuity.

Boxwood to line the pathway and also have greenery in winter.
Bushes and evergreens also for continuity.

I  also have roses and hydrangeas! For Beauty and won't show you now!
More to come....

Here is those lovely gardens I saved on my Ipad to keep inspired:



  1. Your garden certainly looks well planned. I love it and all the other inspirations you've posted here. I'm impressed you've done it yourself too!

    1. Thanks! I hired help to take the sod out and do heavy liffitng and my hubby helped(:

  2. Zane you did a wonderful job it all looks so nice and wait until everything fills out. Gardening is not for the faint of heart when it comes to dirt. Sometimes I wish we had a postage sized property because I've been working on our property for eighteen years and we still aren't even half way. I'm exhausted! I want to see your hydrangeas please and I can't wait to see where you're putting them.


  3. Zane...Debra is right...everything must have time to grow in, take care of the soil, make certain the plants have the right food, and eventually your's will look like the other you love. I'm working on a small courtyard patio off one of the bedrooms, it's been neglected for a long time. Wow, what work!! But time will take care of all of it.

  4. Love, love this sneak peek! I want to see more, more!:-). Debra definitely offers sound advice! Love the inspiration spaces you featured too.