Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So what is happening?

This week has been quite lovely, hanging out with friends and kids birthday party (yes it was a European style in Calgary, we do drink in front of children casualy and so don't judge!), our fence got finished and roses with hydrangeas are smiling at me happily... We play, shop for door handles and mail box! And we watch Ipad during an afternoon snack on our porch... life can't be better as we are enjoying each other every day...

B-day party for my son's friend, they are 4!!

Our house before:

And house after: 

Our fence & gate, love it! Do you see the roses and hydrangeas on the right?

If you misssed my previous post about the design of the gate and garden, click here: design privacy

Close up...

It came together well I think.

We play!

Shop for door handles...

New mail box, of course, the bigger the better..never have to redirect mail when we travel ...again!

We play at breakfast...

We eat a peach with Greek yoghurt in the afternoon on our porch....

And I shop for houses on internet in the meantime....
This one is in Norfolk, England...such a lovely Georgian manor...

Love their simple bedroom elegance....

And could use this roofed glass house pool in our back yard too...Next reno?? ...smiles...

Hope you are having an exciting and relaxing week as well.



  1. Such a great picture at the top! You look so pretty and relaxed Zane. Your gate looks spectacular as does your garden. Beautiful home:) and garden! So glad you are enjoying your summer!! xxleslie

  2. Thanks for those lovely photos. Your lawn and home look gorgeous! I hope you're having an amazing summer!

  3. Love, love your fence and gate! Even more so, because mine is very similar:-). Beautiful garden too! That birthday party looks like it was a lot of fun! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your little fellow!:-) you my dear are absolutely gorgeous! XX

  4. Hi Z!
    I LOVE how your front walkway garden turned out!
    It looks amazing! Your little helper is adorable too.
    The mailbox is great -- have seen them online but did not
    realize they were hollow and offered all that wonderful storage space. Such a great idea. May have to revisit that design again!
    (Snowplows seem to knock our mailbox and post down every other winter here.)

    Come share your new yard at Favorites on the First!
    Alison :)